Online Gambling Trends For 2022 – Watch Out For Them!

  • There is an ongoing tendency in online gambling
  • Here are some online gambling trends for 2022
  • Watch out for the rest!
Online Gambling Trends For 2022

We all know that trends are coming and going all the time. But that does not mean we are not always excited to see what is next! It is true to many things, for example, gambling. Because yes, new trends tend to rise when it comes to online gambling: so, let us see what 2022 can be holding for us!

If you are a gambler yourself, you have probably noticed over the years, that how we gamble online changes constantly. And as we change, so do online gambling sites in the US and what they offer. Of course, there are some trends that stay. For example, the popularity of the lottery or the fact that we gamble more and more online. These are just tendencies that are to stay. However, from year to year, there are some novelties that are worth watching out for. Right now, we are about to list some of them: keep on reading, and see the online gambling trends for 2022!

An Ongoing Tendency

Before we dive into online gambling trends for 2022, let us flash a relevant fact that seems to be a constant for now – and for the upcoming years. It is relevant because it explains why we need to deal with this topic altogether. So, the online gambling market is continually growing. It started because of the digitalization of the whole world, and the past two years – with the pandemic and the lockdowns – only accelerated this process. According to, the online gambling market is expected to register a CAGR of 11. 49% during the forecast period, 2021-2026. Also, got to a very similar conclusion: the global online gambling market size is expected to reach USD 127.3 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027. So, this is something worth talking about, do not you think?

Online Gambling Trends For 2022

Now, let us show you the biggest trends for online gambling in 2022! If you like to gamble from time to time, you would probably see these trends on online gambling sites in the US, or if you prefer casinos games, on online casino sites in the US, like Whamoo Casino.

Online Gambling Trends For 2022
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But in case you have not, now we listed a few of them from Applause, so you can already watch out for them, and get ready for them!

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

It is beyond question: VR and AR are trends you need to calculate on! We already wrote some articles on the topic last year, and we predicted that these new types of casino games and casinos themselves are changing the gambling industry. And they are still about to, however, it is a long process since it needs a lot of development in the roots of the system. But it is something that is already in the works, so, you should anticipate playing in VR online casinos, where you can order a drink at the bar and then spin some slots! Until the time comes, check out Whamoo Casino for some machines or a poker game!


In the past year, cryptocurrencies have hit the market so hard, that they might never be the same again. It is good for investors, for those who are mining these currencies, and also for those, who like an easy way of paying. These currencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are becoming more and more popular. And as such, you can pay with them in more and more online gambling sites in the US! It is an easy and fun way to pay – and to be honest, a hype one!

Applications On The Rise

More and more states are legalizing sports betting and casino gambling in applications – that is already an ongoing trend. But how does it come to be one of the online gambling trends for 2022? Well, these applications are not always the most user-friendly and the most convenient. However, as they are becoming more and more popular, we expect them to get with it! Therefore, in the next couple of months, they will probably be even easier to use, easier to gamble and play with. Altogether, it will probably be a better experience for the customers!

Gambling More Safely

As we mentioned, online gambling is on the rise: more and more people are signing up for sites like Whamoo Casino every day. Which is a great thing, until they go to the other extreme – which gamblers tend to do. That is why we need more safety measures in gambling. It could come from legislators, and if that is not enough, from operators.

Online Gambling Trends For 2022
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And they are ready to give the best experience possible, for their players: an enjoyable, fun, and safe space, where they can gamble. So, this is one of the online gambling trends for 2022 not to watch out for, but more like to welcome.

Betting On E-sport

You have probably noticed, that e-sport is becoming more and more popular every day. It is there on the news, on the television, on online betting sites, on streaming platforms – so basically everywhere. And that is also a trend which is going to stay for the unforeseeable future! But why is it so popular among gamblers? Well, probably it is because it gives more opportunities, there are more options for in-game, “real-time” betting.

Also, you can always place a bet or two on these events, because they are barely canceled. Not as matches played on actual courts and fields! And while betting on e-sport had a huge hype in 2021, we cannot expect it to just blow out in 2022. On the contrary, it will most probably keep on growing!

Keep Your Eyes Open!

Now, you already know about a few of the biggest online gambling trends in 2022. But this list cannot probably cover the whole year with all its surprises and fluctuations! As we could see in the past two years, we can never know what is next. And it is also true to 2022! But not just in a sinister way! This year might keep several great opportunities, fun options, and exciting bets for us! Just do not forget to watch out for them, and live with them!

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