Texas Gubernatorial Election Odds – December 2021

  • Texas is a Republican state
  • The current Governor is Greg Abbott
  • The Texas Gubernatorial Election Odds are here for 2022
Texas Gubernatorial Election Odds
Caricature of Greg Abbott – Image source: Flickr

The national election in the US is still quite far away – we can only be excited about the midterm elections in the near future. But that does not mean, there is nothing in the politics of the States, that is worth wondering about and betting on! The gubernatorial election in Texas is coming up, and the odds are already here for you!

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When thinking about Texas, most people picture the huge field lands, the amazing ribs, cowboys, and stuff like that. But soon, the gubernatorial elections will take place in the state, and that gives us something more to think about: what are the odds on the winners? Thanks to online sportsbook sites in the US, we do not have to be guessing in the dark. On Bovada, you can already see the odds on the topic! However, before making a bet, we advise you to keep on reading this article. Why? Well, because you can find out more about the political traditions of the Lone Star State, the candidates, and their chances to win. So, let us dive into that!

Politics in Texas

In the past couple of decades, the more prominent party of the Lone Star State is the Republican party. That is something that almost everybody knows, even those, who are not really interested in politics. In 2021, Texas is a Republican State, with the ruling party, the Texas Republican Party. That way, the elected officials of the State are also Republicans. The Governor is Greg Abbott, the Lieutenant Governor is Dan Patrick, the Attorney general is Ken Paxton – just to mention a few of the most important rulers of Texas. But what about the gubernatorial elections – and of course its odds – of the state? What is a gubernatorial election all about? Also: who are the candidates? But still, the most important question for us is this: who is the most possible candidate of them all? Let us jump to these questions!

Texas Gubernatorial Election Odds
Image source: Flickr

The Upcoming Elections

The gubernatorial elections are the processes through which the states of America choose their new governors. Most of the time, all the states have their elections at the same time. This year, for most of the states – there were two exceptions – it was on the 2nd of November. In 2022, it will be the 8th of November. We know, that it is still a little way down the road, but what can we do? Online gambling new sites in the US, are already all about the topic! So, you can already check the odds out on Bovada too. The incumbent Governor – as mentioned above – is Greg Abbott. And he is running for re-election in 2022 – for a third term, as the state has no gubernatorial term limits. But who else is in the game? And what are the odds on the gubernatorial election in Texas?

Texas Gubernatorial Election Odds

So, could go down during the elections of 2022? According to many sources, Abbott is widely criticized, mainly because of his attitude towards healthcare. However, according to odds on Bovada, he is still the one with the most chance to win! He has the odds of -350. That is probably because the residents of the state are quite used to him and his methods, and we can say that they prefer sticking to their traditions.

Another runner-up is Beto O’Rourke, who might surprise many, as he is a Democratic candidate. That can cause him some trouble, as the state is mainly Republican, but he stands with the odds of +550. However, he has also been in the politics of Texas for a long time, as a member of the House of Representatives, and a Mayor of El Paso. Another candidate with the same odds might surprise you: it is Matthew McConaughey himself! Lately, the actor claimed that he will not run for Texas governor, however, the odds say otherwise. Well, we can see several actors getting into the politics business, just think about Schwarzenegger! So, we can never know…

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