Kim Kardashian Relationship Predictions – Will it Last?


Posted: November 30, 2021

Updated: November 30, 2021

  • How are their love lives doing?
  • Kim and Pete: how did they end up together?
  • Check out the Kim Kardashian relationship predictions!

When it comes to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, most of the world is curious about what is next. And it is no different now, that Kim has a new boo! We do not know much about them yet, and how they will be holding up. But the special predictions on Kim Kardashian’s relationship give us some thinking to do!

A couple of days ago, the news hit online tabloids: Kim Kardashian is in a relationship again! And it did not take too long for online sportsbook sites in the US to pick up the topic. We can already see some odds and predictions on the relationship between Kim Kardashian and her new man, Pete Davidson. Their relationship surely surprised many people. But will they surprise everyone with breaking up very early in the relationship? Or the exact opposite is bound to happen? Well, if you are reading this article, you probably have your own theories. But it is also possible, that you are just looking for a good bet to make. Either way: you are in the best possible place, so let us dive into this love story!

Difficult Love Lives

We probably do not have to introduce anyone to the media personality, Instagram influencer, and reality celebrity, Kim Kardashian. Many know her from Keeping Up With The Kardashians – where we could already see her struggling with her love life quite much. But in the past couple of years, she built a brand around her name, she has her own massive fan base, she has her own brands and everything that goes with it. Lately, she has been around the news quite much. The reason is that she announced that she is getting a divorce from Kanye West, with whom she had four kids. And although they separated and they are ready to get a divorce, it has not happened yet. So, the Kim Kardashian relationship predictions just got more complicated!

The other addition to the new relationship is Pete Davidson, who is an actor and a comedian. He is mostly known in the US, but he is getting worldwide attention – especially since he was engaged to Ariana Grande. But he also dated other beautiful and hot celebrities, like Kaia Gerber and Kate Beckinsale. And now he is all over the Kardashian girl! But how did they get together? Before checking out some odds on Bovada, let us see that.

Kim & Pete

Rumors started after the couple appeared on Saturday Night Live. In the show, they were playing a scene from Aladdin, where Kim was Princess Jasmine and Pete was Aladdin – obviously. During the gag, they even shared a kiss on stage! The next clues were some pictures on Instagram. There were a few posts, where we could see Davidson hanging with the Kardashian girls and their partners, in Kris Jenner’s mansion. And after all these clues, it did not take long for them, to come out with their relationship with the public. They were spotted by paparazzi on the streets, in cozy outfits, holding hands. But what is next? Let us see the Kim Kardashian relationship predictions!

Kim Kardashian Relationship Predictions

So far, they seem to be happy together and have a real connection, despite the age gap between them. But how long will it last? The bookmakers at Bovada are onto predicting that! On the site, you can bet on the couple to break up in 2021. The odds on them not breaking up are -900, and the odds on them breaking up are +500. The event went so far as to predict their engagement! The odds of that happening in 2021 or 2022 are +275. And how about that not happening? Well, the odds on that are -450. Well, looking at their past relationships, we cannot expect anything really… but let us not be ominous!

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