The 7 Biggest Scratch Card Winners In The UK


Posted: March 2, 2024

Updated: March 2, 2024

In truth, there's no strategy or skill required to play the scratch card lottery. You simply buy your ticket, scratch of the foil covering the numbers, and hope. Though the odds of winning are incredibly small, that's not the same as saying that noone ever wins. Far from it, there are small winners almost every day. But for the big prizes north of £1 million, these are much rarer occasions.

Scratch cards, a widely popular form of lottery, offer different rewards for kids and adults. While the youthful version often gives out candies or toys, adults seek the chance to win real money. In truth, scratch cards represent the most straightforward way to play the lottery. Purchasing a scratch card from a local shop or authorized supermarket and revealing the winning amount by scratching off the silver coating is all it takes. When you consider the size of some of the wins, it's nice to imagine yourself as one of the biggest scratch card winners in the UK. 

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Facts About UK Scratch Cards

In the UK, all scratch cards are distributed by the National Lottery under the UK Gambling Commission’s Section 5 license, ensuring safety and fairness. Despite this regulation, the odds of turning a profit remain remarkably low. Even with a 70% Return To Player (RTP), considered high for scratch cards, the chances of winning big are slim. Remarkably, individuals as young as 16 can purchase scratch cards in the UK, a departure from the typical age limit of 18 for most forms of gambling. Accessible across the whole of the UK, the scratch cards allowing you to join the biggest scratch card winners in the UK can be purchased in Post Offices and corner shops. Prizes up to £100 can be redeemed at these locations, with some retailers extending redemption services for prizes up to £500. Places to buy scratch cards in the UK:
  • In shops (Usually up to £100)
  • At the post office (Usually up to £500)
  • By post (For any amount) 
  • At the regional national lottery center (for large prizes over £500 only)

How To Verify Your Win

The winning amount is quickly revealed and easily verifiable with either the store manager or the lottery company. The widespread popularity of this format has prompted software developers to create online scratch cards for online casinos. This enables players to conveniently access scratch cards online from anywhere and at any time, eliminating the need to visit a physical shop. Probably the best way to buy scratch cards is using theLotter. Not only do they offer every major scratch card under the sun, but also every lottery from around the world including the Powerball from the US and El Gordo from Spain, to name just a few.
biggest scratch card winners in the UK
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This means there's an even greater chance of being one of the biggest scratch card winners in the UK. While many people typically win modest amounts on their scratch cards. However, there are a few who have become millionaires with just a scratch card. Here's a compilation of the biggest scratch card winners in the UK over the years.

The UK's Biggest Scratch Card Winners 

Jackie Murphy (£1 Million)

Jackie Murphy, a soon-to-be bride, made a quick stop to purchase a scratchcard after a long day at work. Upon discovering her win, she hurried back into the shop to confirm it. Overwhelmed with emotion, she needed assistance to sit down. While the shopkeeper notified lottery officials, Jackie called her partner of a decade to share the joyous news. The couple plans to utilize the prize money for their wedding, which was already in the works before their stroke of luck. Despite their newfound wealth, they intend to stick to their budget-friendly wedding plans, which include purchasing her dress on sale and sourcing shoes from Tesco. The only change will be a complimentary bar for friends and family.

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Lewis Rider (£1 Million)

Lewis Rider, a bartender, traded pulling pints for celebrating with champagne after winning a million pounds from a scratch card. According to online lottery news in the UK, he bought the fortuitous ticket impulsively while out purchasing food for his dog, Marley. Following his win, he revealed intentions to invest in property and treat his family to a holiday in Lanzarote. Rider made headlines again recently after being escorted from an auction where he had just spent £20,000 on Arnold Schwarzenegger memorabilia. Despite being promised a meeting with the movie star, Rider was denied due to being drunk.

Grace Waker (£1 Million)

Grace Walker, a homemaker from Lanarkshire, Scotland, secured one of the largest scratchcard victories on record. Walker's stroke of luck came with a scratchcard of her favorite colour, pink. Despite her substantial windfall, she expressed her intention to continue purchasing scratchcards, stating, "I won’t stop buying scratchcards, though." Despite their newfound millionaire status, Grace and her husband William have committed to remaining in their council house, which has been their home for over three decades.

Biggest Scratch Card Winners In The UK - Susan Richards (£3 Million)

After a demanding 12-hour shift as a carer, Susan Richards contemplated skipping her routine trip to the supermarket. Fortunately, she decided otherwise, and during her visit, she impulsively purchased a scratchcard with her spare change, interpreting it as a sign. Upon discovering she was now one of the biggest scratch card winners in the UK and was now worth £3 million, she immediately sought confirmation from the store manager before contacting lottery officials and then her family. Among her plans is to take her family on a trip to America in memory of her late father, who had always dreamed of winning the lottery and traveling to the States.

Unknown Multi-Millionaires (£4 Million Each)

An unnamed individual from Burnley made headlines in 2014 as the UK's top scratchcard winner, claiming a staggering £4 million from a £10 lottery card. Mohammed Ikramm, the shopkeeper who sold the ticket, disclosed that the winner was a regular customer but opted to keep their identity confidential. However, Ikramm vividly recounted the moment of triumph. The mystery millionaire had initially purchased an unsuccessful ticket before using his last £20 note to acquire two more. While the first ticket yielded no luck, the third transformed him into a multi-millionaire. Remarkably, there was another identical win in Poole, where an anonymous man cashed in £4 million from a £10 ticket. Both players defied odds of 4 million to 1 to claim their life-changing prizes.

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Biggest Scratch Card Winners In The UK - Ross Hearst (£4 Million)

The start of 2016 brought an extraordinary windfall for road worker Ross Hearst. Although not a regular scratchcard player, Hearst had a modest win previously, motivating him to try his luck again. Overwhelmed with shock from becoming one of the UK's biggest scratch card winners in the UK, he persistently attempted to contact his wife, Jocelyn, to share the incredible news. After 22 attempts, he finally succeeded in breaking the news, albeit not before she briefly dismissed him, thinking it was a prank. With their first child on the way, the timing of the win couldn't have been better for the couple. Despite their newfound fortune, they remained adamant that it wouldn't alter them too drastically. While Ross set his sights on a new car, Jocelyn had her eye on a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

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