It may be a little harsh to compare illegal gambling with a bank robbery, but they do both involve making money quickly, share an element of risk to one’s liberty, and carry with them somewhat of a social stigma. Nowhere more so than in India where sensible gamblers hit up sites like BetRallyIndia, one of the best online betting sites in India at present, and the less than sensible get themselves arrested by the Santacruz police. Unlike the bank robbers, but does that mean we should all rob banks? ... read more

The 45th President of the United States is what is often referred to as a bit of a loose cannon, his wild lies, seat of the pants diplomacy and growing list of personal vendettas mean he’s the least predictable leader the US has ever had, and the bookies online have been taking full advantage. So if you’re in the US gambling news headlines about his involvement with Russia or hating the FBI are as weird as it gets, hold onto your hat, because bookmakers like Bovada have gone just a little bizarre. ... read more

If you’re a tennis fan in the US gambling news of Rafael Nadal winning the Rogers Cup in Toronto might have shortened the odds on the Spaniard winning the US Open, you’d be entirely right. They closed up slightly on the favorite, Djokovic, but have they really come far enough to warrant a bet on Nadal to win in New York? His performance against Tsitsipas was effective but at times not the most confident, so should you really back him at sites like Bovada to win the last Grand Slam of the year? ... read more

If you do any Ryder Cup betting at Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in France, you’ll already know that almost as soon as Brooks Koepka had strode off the 18th green at Bellerive the whispers began. The Open hadn’t been a fluke, Tiger was back and stalking the course as if he’d never left, his advisory role for the US Ryder Cup team suddenly questionable as he might qualify to play, but does the US team really need Tiger Woods swinging away or is he of more use behind the scenes? ... read more

After their narrow defeat at Edgbaston you can forgive the Indian team for thinking they had every chance of leveling the Test Series against England on their second encounter, alas the match at Lords was destined to swing away from them and perhaps highlight that even on a good day winning away from home can be anything but simple, but does that mean you shouldn’t bet against England in the 3rd Test at Trent Bridge this weekend? Or should you risk a little at Bet365 on India to surprise us all? ... read more

The march of modern technology is ever forward and nowhere is this more obvious than the inroads Esports are making into territory once staked out by people who enjoy sweating in public, however just like their more traditional counterparts these new computer-based competitions can easily fall prey to the criminal element and, fueled by illegal esports gambling interests, match fixing is already evident, but does that mean you shouldn’t hit up sites like Unibet to wager on the games? ... read more

The last MotoGP in Austria gave us a stunning finish with the race coming down to the final corner but with temperatures peaking in Europe this summer are we going to see the top tier of motorcycle racing melt as they hit the Red Bull Ring this weekend? He may be running away with the title but does that mean you should automatically bet on Marc Marquez on Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Austria, or can someone challenge the unstoppable Spaniard? We take a look. ... read more

The 1st Test at Edgbaston produced a humdinger of a match with a very small margin of victory for the home side but can they now repeat the feat as the Test series between England and India moves on to an appointment at Lords or will the visitors have got the measure of them in time for the 2nd Test? Should you back England to take another decisive win or bet on India to level the series? Sites like BetRallyIndia, one of the best online betting sites in India, have all the odds so let’s take a look. ... read more

For the one hundredth time of asking it’s the last major of the year and all the big names are getting themselves ready for the PGA Championship betting this will be their year, however there can be only one winner and just who that will be may depend as much on the weather as their form at Bellerive, so just which of them should you back if you’re going to have a little flutter at Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the United States, this weekend? We take a look. ... read more

The times, we’re often reminded, change and we should, therefore, do the same, however it would appear there are some high street bookmakers that prefer to whine bitterly at having been left behind by the arrival of the internet age and the dominance of Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, issuing dire threats and announcing profit warnings. Has the backlash against FOBT machines doomed the high street bookmaker’s shop to inevitable extinction? And should we really care? ... read more

With their share price topping $207.05 Apple became the first company in the world to be valued at over a Trillion dollars it’s only a matter of time until the product of Steve Jobs owns everything in the world except Amazon, and if we can just stave off the inevitable war twixt the two to enjoy that dystopian future just what will your local casino look like when it is under control of our new Apple overlords? And could it compete with big bookies like Bet365? We peer into our crystal ball and see. ... read more

So we reach the midpoint in the season and the drivers all rush off home to their tax havens, the teams trundle back to the garage for a bit and the F1 betting odds at sites like Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Belgium, settle down as the circus takes stock of the first 12 races. Lewis Hamilton has more cause than many to be pleased with his performance so far but Sebastian Vettel has been right there every step of the way and there’s still a chance Ferrari can overcome Mercedes. ... read more

If you’re going to be watching the 100th PGA Championship odds are you’ve already decided on your favorite for this, the final ‘Major’ of the year, but with the current World Number One quietly slipping into ever better form is he the only realistic choice on sites like Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the United States these days, or will one of the others in this massively talented field get the better of him at the Bellerive Country Club? We take a look. ... read more

If you’re going to bet on sports in the Czech Republic this weekend it may well be tempting to plump for the favorite in the upcoming MotoGP betting that the low odds on Marc Marquez are entirely in keeping with his chances of winning, but as the pressure builds on the young man and some of his fellow riders begin to frown at his attitude, should you really be betting on him to win in Brno at Unibet or are some of the other riders just as good a wager as the young man from Cervera? ... read more

The first test gets underway pitting the world class Indian visiting side against the England side that has won only one of its last nine test matches and plays hoping they can replicate their runaway victory against Pakistan, the question is should you bet on India at BetrallyIndia, one of the best online betting sites in India today, or can England really manage to beat one of the best sides in the world whilst seemingly sabotaging their own bowling line up? We take a look. ... read more

When it comes to open-age flat racing there’s nothing quite like the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, indeed a bet on the King George, as it’s often called, is another of those traditional little flutters in which the British like to indulge each summer, and despite the sweltering heatwave they’re weathering it seems there’s another great race on the cards, but with such a distinguished field which of the runners and riders should you back at Ascot on Bet365 this weekend? We take a look. ... read more

The owners of F1 gambling on showing the “raw emotion” of the sport to retain eyeballs is one of the first signs we’ve had of Liberty Media’s intent, but as the circus moves on to the Hungaroring is this another flawed concept that will make no difference to the malaise the top tier of motor sport has fallen into? Those of us that will hit up Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Hungary, to pick a winner this weekend will await developments with interest, and perhaps a little unease. ... read more

After his astonishingly cool final round at Carnoustie Open champion Francesco Molinari now has to get himself ready for the final Major of the year, and as he heads toward the PGA Championship odds are he’ll be pleased that the bookies like Bovada are giving him every bit as much chance of winning as the likes of Tiger Woods who is back on the prowl for a victory after so many years away, but just who will win the final big event of the year before the Ryder Cup? We take a look. ... read more

The third ODI against England ended in horrific defeat but does that mean the Indian Test side will face the same fate or will the massively warm weather the UK is suffering play to the strengths of a side long on talent and short on plaudits? Will the hosts be as dominant in the five day game as they were in that ODI at Headingley or will they wilt under the blazing bowling of the visitors? Should you bet on India at BetrallyIndia or back the England side again? We take a look. ... read more

The Tour de France comes to a dramatic climax in Paris this weekend after a very eventful race that has included fisticuffs, pepper spray and crowd violence, but as Team Sky riders Froome and Geraint battle it out with Dumoulin at the head of the peloton in the final few days is this really your last chance to find decent odds on the Tour winner at Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in France, before it’s all over for another year? We take a look (if the French police promise not to gas us). ... read more