Those of us who like to bet on sports in the UK, and bet on Test cricket in particular, found the 1st Test a struggle. England batted as if they’d never seen a cricket ball before, and India got nervy after their first wicket. Fortunately, for both sides, the rain arrived and the match ended in a draw. However with no clear lead going into the 2nd Test the odds on England at Bet365 have slid a tad. They’re now back on 6/5 with their opposition, India, rising up to around 6/4 to win the series. ... read more

Everyone knew it was a fudge. A bodge job. A mess. However, in the panic over Brexit you could always bet on UK politics to ignore the implications. Now they have all come home to roost and the UK government isn’t happy. They want to renegotiate some provisions of the Northern Ireland Protocol. Thus, the EU isn’t happy either. Of course, anyone in the UK gambling laws are final once arranged is on a loser. Frankly, the EU should have known better. ... read more

These days they run the second leg of the Stayer’s Triple Crown on the opening day of Glorious Goodwood. It’s the highlight of the first of five days of fabulous racing in Sussex. First, run back in 1812 those who like to bet on sports in the UK often see this as a great little flutter. This year they’ll delight in the thrill of watching to see if Stradivarius can win for a fifth time in a row. Or, perhaps, seeing its luck run out. That’s why it isn’t the only bet on the Goodwood Cup at Bet365. ... read more

When the Invincibles needed forty eight off thirty balls you knew this was going to thrill. The opening match of the Hundred, a women’s fixture, was a blast and you could hear the ECB breathe again. This is going to work. Sure, it’s a bit quirky but they bet on the Hundred and won. Even better the follow up men’s opener was just as exciting. However those who regularly bet on sports in the UK, and cricket in particular, still don’t quite see why this isn’t another T20 set up. ... read more

Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada already have the US as a clear favorite. When it comes to picking a team, Steve Stricker has an easier job than Padraig Harrington. After all, he gets to draw on the likes of Collin Morikawa who cruised to a second career major at The Open. Meanwhile Padraig has to shuffle the pack as some of the famous faces, yes Rory we do mean you, look adrift. Indeed you may find the US is the only sensible bet on the Ryder Cup this year. ... read more

We can all imagine ourselves picking the winning lottery numbers. Each of us has a dream of what we would do with those winnings. Of course, this is because we know we have a fair chance. Everyone has the same mathematical possibility. Hence, the popular and progressive jackpot lotteries we like are not the only lotteries. People fall back on this age-old principle far more often than you might think, and sometimes in some very serious scenarios indeed. ... read more

Everyone knew this would happen. It was inevitable. They were never going to remain cordial as the contest drew on. Eventually they’d come together, someone would come off worse, and the detent would end. At Silverstone that’s precisely what happened. Max span off, Lewis won. Red Bull aren’t happy, Mercedes are unrepentant. So who is to say they won’t do it all again next race? Thus the Hungarian Grand Prix odds at online betting sites in Hungary like Bet365 may matter. ... read more

You probably couldn’t make it up. Facing a recall election, on the 14th of September, you’d think Gavin Newsom would be focused. Keeping his eye on the ball. Not letting the California recall election odds go to his head. Instead this week a court had to decide if he is a democrat or not. Or, at least, if he can state he’s one on the ballot. Turns out, he can’t. Classic. So whilst online betting sites in the US like Bovada still give Newsom short prices, the Democrats just lost the election. ... read more

Even the best lotto jackpot reviews would agree Brazilian gambling laws are woefully out of date. The last major overhaul was in 1941. Now, make no mistake, they do have some limited lottery laws. They have a state run lottery, for instance. However, Brazilians find their desires no longer sated by a lottery and some minor betting on horse racing. So many have turned to illegal gambling in Brazil. The new proposals on regulating gambling laws in Brazil are thus long overdue. ... read more

England had to field a second string side. Five new caps. Stokes as captain. It was all a bit budget. However, their complete domination of Pakistan in the ODI series shows just how good England are at white-ball cricket now. They evidently have a depth of squad to envy. So, whilst the odds on India are shorter at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365, England are perhaps the better wager. They’re a 4/1 bet on the T20 World Cup and those prices are worth snapping up. ... read more

As the UK chases normality you can bet on the British Grand Prix to be anything but typical. F1 is trialing a new format this weekend and no one is quite sure if it will work. Changes to Formula One usually don’t, at least not as intended. So, this experiment should fascinate fans and critics alike. There’s an air of unpredictability. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 underline that by not offering odds on the sprint race yet. And if the bookies can’t even make a guess…… ... read more

Royal St. George’s beckons so it’s time to bet on The Open 2021. But just who should you back? Rory appears adrift, the Americans are flagging but Ian Poulter is putting in the effort. So, is this homegrown hero going to win out or will one of the visiting hoards happen upon a victory? Well online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 have their view, of course, but remember, this is 2021. You can’t bet on golf tournaments panning out quite as everyone expects. Not this year. ... read more

Well of course, it went to penalties. What were you expecting? Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is part of what being English is all about. Hard to do that without a penalty shootout. Still, as the Italians get used to winning, and the England team recover from their loss, there is hope. Online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 still give England better 2022 World Cup odds than the Italians. They can see the potential in the side. They know they really could win in Qatar. ... read more

Online sportsbook sites in the UK have always offered odds on UK politics as well. Sometimes a wager on our political masters is a novelty flutter to enjoy. So you might think that as Boris Johnson and his Home Secretary find themselves massively condemned those prices would be in flux. Far from it. The odds on the Conservatives are still shorter than the odds on Labour. Even after Brexit. After all the scandals. After this staggering hypocrisy. But who’d bet on UK politics making sense? ... read more

After so many years of dominating the sport, Lewis Hamilton looks distinctly like yesterday’s man. You can bet on the British Grand Prix to highlight just how true this is. See, both Mercedes and Lewis like Silverstone. The team have won seven of the last eight F1 races held at the circuit. Lewis six of the last seven. So, online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 giving Max and Red Bull clearly shorter odds is a sign of the times. The writing’s on the wall for Hamilton now. ... read more

You’d think after four years of Donald Trump as President appearing competent and sensible was simple. Still, as the US politics odds offered by online betting sites in the US like Bovada demonstrate, the Democrats are making heavy weather of it. The bookies now seem to believe the Republicans could emerge with majorities in both House and Senate. Obviously that’s bad news for Democrats, however it’s probably worse news for the nation as it’s political malaise extends. ... read more

You can, they always say, run, but you can’t hide. Lord Lucan may disagree but he hails from a different era. Times have changed. Thanks to modern technology, we can both win the lottery online and never really get lost. We balance a double-edged sword, enriching our lives with new facility at the cost of some of our privacy. After Snowden and Manning, everyone knows this. So why did a man attempt to hide one of the best lottery jackpots you can win from his wife and the law? ... read more