Some Lucky People Are Actually Forced To Win The Lottery

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Win The Lottery

Some are born great, some become great and others have greatness thrust upon them. Or so they say. These days they might find some other options. Traditionally, of course, they insist that one cannot escape one’s fate. Apparently, we are all hand in hand, together on a path of unswerving destiny. They cite examples such as the man in Michigan who found the best lottery to play wasn’t the one he wanted. Apparently, if you are fated to win the lottery, that’s what will occur.  

Now we’ve all heard tales of people who chose to randomly play a lottery game and ended up winning. They make a spur of the minute impulse purchase, which immediately pays off. When they win the lottery people make a fuss about how lucky they are. We all like to revel in the sheer random nature of a lottery win. After all, it is what gives us hope that we’ll win next time. It reassures us there is no bias, no slant, no unfair advantage. We’ve just as much chance as anyone.

However, there are the other stories. Not of people who made the snap decision to join in, but of those who set out to participate. Some buy dozens of tickets, some play the same numbers week after week and some get lucky despite bad luck. Precisely how you can win the lottery despite displaying all the other traits of misfortune is a mystery. Even the very best lotto jackpot reviews would have a tricky time explaining it. If we trust luck, not fate, how is this possible?

Endlessly Arguing If It’s Fate Or Just Luck 

The fatalists will look smug at this point because it isn’t. Either you’re lucky or you’re not at any given time. Very rarely will you find an island of good luck in a landscape of misfortunate mire. When one “feels lucky” there appears no focus. Sure, they’ll say you can enjoy bad luck at cards and prove lucky in love, but how often did you do both at once? So when trying to win the lottery if your luck is running against you, it’s probably not your day. Unless those fatalists are right.

“I scratched the ticket as soon as I got in my car and when I saw I’d won the $2-million prize, I was in total shock!”

  • Michigan Lottery Winner

Perhaps it doesn’t matter how you feel, nor how lucky or unlucky you are. Maybe when you win the lottery you’re just filling in a box on a celestial calendar. Just another event long foreseen by universal forces. Naturally, many people will find this version somewhat bleak. Our lives just a runaway train. So does that mean you can only win the lottery if the universe wants you to? That’s what they imply. They even cite some who’ve won the best lottery jackpots to prove it.

Win The Lottery

Lotto Agent Can Help You Win The Lottery

Take the Michigan man who set out to, as was his habit, play his favorite lottery game. Arriving at the vendor he discovered they were all out of his preferred game. This is, on the face it rather obviously unlucky. He then found out that the vendor didn’t even have any tickets left for his second choice. Again, given the nature of supply and demand economics, this is just more poor luck. Going on this evidence you’d think it was just not his day to win the lottery. And yet…..

“I always believed I would win a big prize one day. I can’t believe it finally happened.” 

  • Michigan Lottery Winner

The vendor did have tickets for a third, new, game, however, and our plucky hero saw no option but to buy in. He promptly won $2m. So, the fatalist argue, if you see this as mere luck, it changes at such a blistering pace it is of no practical use. Thus if one is about to participate in any of the myriad of progressive jackpot lotteries whether one feels lucky, or not, is irrelevant. Of course, if you win the lottery you might, strangely enough, care much either way anymore. 


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We take a look at how you can win the lottery despite your misfortune but it probably doesn’t end the argument between luck and fate.

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