New York’s Lottery Gets a Little Help from British Friends

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UK National Lottery operator, the Camelot Group, have been called in by the New York State Gaming Commission to boost the US state’s Lottery competition.

In a recent bid to revive New York’s Lottery, the US state has turned to its friends across the pond to draw up a five-year plan to get things up to speed.

Camelot will undertake market research on potential new lottery games to help the New York Gaming Commission to take on other online gambling sites in US.

The involvement of Camelot in the Lottery set up has also raised questions about whether the state is embracing online gambling products in order to stamp out the competition from other forms of gambling.

UK’s National Lottery operator gives New York a boost

Even though the US gambling laws now permit online gambling, it’s up to the individual state itself to decide whether it wants in or not. At the moment, only a handful of states have chosen to take gambling online.

“The gambling landscape in New York State has changed over the past 12 months, and will continue to change and become more competitive,” said Gardner Gurney of the New York State Gaming Commission.

“In order to safeguard state aid to education it is highly critical that we look at alternative approaches to the future of the lottery.”

The new Lottery system will come as a boost to New York’s education system, which enjoys a percentage of the revenue from the lottery games.

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