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Gambling in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Certain forms of gambling are legal in Bosnia and Herzegovina at present, extending to casino gambling, sports betting and the national lottery. There is one major casino in Sarajevo, the Coloseum Club Casino,which opened in 2002. In 2011, another casino opened in Banja Luka in the RepublikaSrpska, the Bosnian Serb Republic, an independent political entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2011, the Republika Srpska also granted an internet gaming license to WILLIAMS, a land-based bookmaker and slot hall operator, offering sports betting and casino games over the internet.

Sports betting in general is also legal, with over 250 betting outlets around the country, some locally based, but there are also a number of Croatian companies that have expanded into Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There are two lottery services available in Bosnia and Herzegovina. LutrijaBiH State Lottery is the primary lottery provider in the country and is located in Sarajevo, whereas Glory Leisure Banja Luka is based in the Republika Srpska.

Online Gambling in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Early in 2013, there was a proposed ban on IP addresses from foreign-based online gambling services, but after public outcry arose from online operators and ISPs, the Bosnian courts have retracted their decision to ban access to foreign online gambling sites, which means it’s now possible to gamble on sites that are located outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In January 2011, Republika Srpska, a political entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, granted the first Internet gaming license to WILLIAMS, a land-based bookmaker and slot hall operator. The online gaming site, WWin (wwin.ba) offers casino games and sports betting to players throughout the region, although any player that is not registered or does not have a bank account within the Republika Srpska will be banned from the site.