Online Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina - December 2023

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Online Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are currently two large scale land-based casinos operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Additionally, it is also possible to find many gambling facilities across the two political entities of the country: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) and the Republika Srpska. However, only in the latter there are licensed online casino sites
Are online casinos legal in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Yes.
Are casino sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina trustworthy? Yes.
Can I deposit via (X)Bon/PayPal/Skrill?  Yes.
Do online casino sites accept BAM? Yes. 

Online Casino Laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The online gambling environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been much debated throughout the years. As reported by online casino news sites, in 2013, the FBiH tried to block all the access to foreign platforms, but the decision was met with a lot of criticism by the population who accused the Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RAK) of internet censorship. This led to the eventual withdrawal of the ban and, in 2015, the Law on Games of Chance was enforced. Still, the only forms of online gambling that are regulated are lotto and bingo games which fall under the monopoly of the national lottery.  Contrarily, the Republika Srpska has legalized online gambling in 2011 and has issued gambling licenses. In March 2019, an amendment was made to the Act of Games of Chance, which will pose more restrictions to operators - including more taxes - but players will still have access to international online casino sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On those platforms, they can play a wider variety of games and claim some of the best online casino bonuses and online casino promotions available on the market. 

Online Casino Payment Methods in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In order to compete against other companies, operators must make sure that the only payment methods available are transparent and reliable. In this way, the credit and debit cards of VISA and MasterCard are fully accepted. But there are also alternatives that are as efficient and safe. These include Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and the Bosnian exclusive (X)Bon. More information is available on the online casino reviews directory

Online Casino Sites Accepting BAM

Due to the permissive legislation that is present in the country for a few years now, it is possible to find online casino sites accepting BAM. As a result, gamblers are exempt from conversion fees and are able to control better their accounts.