A New Community Lottery Helps Good Causes As Always

  • Locally Run Lotteries Have Always Benefited “Good Causes”  
  • Carlisle Launches Allerdale And Lakeland Community Lottery 
  • Lotteries In The UK Suffer From Duality Of Public Perception
Community Lottery

It is often said; the best lottery to play is a local lottery. The economics of this are clear. It keeps the money local. Britain has a national lottery, of course, but the good causes benefited by it are typically of a grander scale. Smaller charities and the like require a more localized solution. Fortunately, UK gambling laws allow local authorities to set up lotteries for just this purpose. Carlisle is just the latest example of this, they’ve just established a new community lottery.   

Lotteries have a strange reputation. The public veers between two rather different standpoints. They spend a lot of time deriding them as a tax on the foolish, typically mentioning the long odds involved. And then they buy a lottery ticket. Sometimes they veer between these two poles within moments. It’s remarkable. Even the very best lotto jackpot reviews have had a bit of a tricky time explaining it. However, it demonstrates how a community lottery defies their dubious reputation.

This speaks to the British gambling attitude. It is tainted by a less than savory reputation. Not criminal as much as grubby. The old school betting shops were a stain, not a facility. Despite it being more likely people will now wager at online sportsbook sites in the UK, the reputation remains. This applies to all gambling regardless. So, any community lottery you might find at Lotto Agent and the like, is, therefore at the mercy of history. History and tabloid newspapers. 

Allerdale Sets Up New Community Lottery

Tabloid newspapers are the guardians of UK culture. Or at least so they would have you believe. Their stories can affect a community lottery massively in terms of sales. Negative stories of lottery winners put people off, positive ones increase ticket purchases. So whilst in theory they’re a money-spinner, success is not always in their hands. Given these smaller local lotteries can’t provide the very best lottery jackpots, they require the goodwill of the public. Papers affect that.

So then, perhaps, it’s not quite as simple as it appears. Not that it stops people trying, and sometimes succeeding. The Allerdale and Lakeland Lottery is a good example. A community lottery set up by the Allerdale council and Gatherwell, a lottery organizer. In theory, it should benefit local good causes. Unlike a regular bet on sports in the UK, a lottery can be more nuanced. So, for instance, in this lottery punters can choose where 50% of their stake (ticket price) goes.

Community Lottery
Good Luck!

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This then makes it more a donation with a game attached, rather than a game that might give money to charity. It allows less regular gamblers to join in without falling prey, in their minds, to the evil scourge of wagering. This targeting is a boon for the more progressive jackpot lotteries. Those that understand they have to be seen to do more than just make the odd person a bit richer. These are cynical times. Alas, public sentimentality has eroded hugely over the last six months or so.

Still, now more than ever, charities and other good causes need the public’s help. A community lottery like this is one way forward. National governments are facing massive issues in finance and can’t afford everything. Asking the public to spare a little for a local lottery, as they have in Carlisle, seems sensible. After all, if you’ll hit online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 or Lotto Agent to gamble far and wide day in, day out, why wouldn’t you do so more locally too?

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We take a look at how a community lottery can be massively beneficial to good causes near you in these tough financial times.

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