Can You Get Lucky Lottery Numbers From Beyond The Grave?

  • Basingstoke Mum’s Dead Granddad Encourages Gambling
  • Lotto Agent Makes Accessing Lotteries Worldwide Simple
  • Winner Plans To Open Animal Shelter And Visit Pig Beach
Lucky Lottery Numbers

We all have a theory. A strategy. Some tactics. Perhaps we try to hit the lucky lottery numbers using a system. Playing our hunches. Just using random picks. Few of us, however, would consider a séance. Asking the other side for guidance as to which numbers to play at Lotto Agent and the like seems a tad odd. Still, a woman in Basingstoke won one of the best lottery jackpots because of just such an influence. So then should we all ask ghosts of dead relatives for help?

“I can’t help feeling he was with me that day.” Says 42-year-old Lesley Herbert. She claims her grandfather’s spirit was instrumental in her buying the National Lottery scratch card which won her £2m. This may, to the cynical, seem unlikely. However since hitting the lucky lottery numbers is so random, who’s to say? Just how direct does a ghost have to be? Need it slap you across the face or tattoo the numbers on your forehead as you sleep? Lesley doesn’t think so.

“I popped to the shops to buy some spinach, of all things,” She recalls. “But decided against it and end up getting a chocolate orange bar instead.” This in of itself is unusual. Even the most devious home delivery packer wouldn’t substitute chocolate for Spinach. This aside, she was feeling distinctly lucky and even said so to the shop assistant. Now we all know the best lottery to play is the one you feel lucky about, we don’t ask why you feel lucky. Lesley didn’t question it.

Mother Of Four Wins Millions On Scratch Card

She bought a Monopoly Riches National Lottery scratch-card and promptly won £2m. This she directly attributes to her dead grandfather’s influence. Which means perhaps rather than looking for portents elsewhere signposting the lucky lottery numbers we need look beyond the grave instead. Anyone living in a haunted house is, perhaps, at an advantage. Certainly holding a séance is possible. However if they’ve not made their feelings clear on the matter, asking may not help.

“It was a crazy moment when I found out I had won.”

  • Lesley Herbert, Lottery winner

Many may think spirits have better things to do with their time. Perhaps, then, this is just something that fervent gamblers do after death. Lesley’s grandfather always said he’d one day win the lottery and buy a house on a hill. Now whilst he didn’t manage that, Lesley coincidentally has. So, maybe he did have a hand in it. Certainly, this seems to indicate that you could win any of the progressive jackpot lotteries at Lotto Agent with a little help from spirits.

Lucky Lottery Numbers
Nothing is comparable to the feeling when you win the lottery

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“I’m still trying to get my head around the win.” Lesley says smiling. “But I have already been looking for what kind of house I could buy. A farm with a bit of land.” This plays into her long term plans. She want to open an animal sanctuary with part of her winnings. Indeed animals play a big part in her life with her parrot, Bibi, dislocating her foot in the excitement of the win confirmation. Not sure what your plans are for when you hit the lucky lottery numbers. Bet it doesn’t involve going to a vet.

“This win will also mean so much to my four children. I’ll be able to set them up for life, which is something I never dreamt I would ever be able to say, let alone do.”

  • Lesley Herbert, Lottery winner 

“The vet team were brilliant, but were very shocked when I showed them a picture of the scratch card as an IOU.” She laughs. “They’ve never been shown a £2m scratch card as a guarantee.” The parrot, even the best lotto jackpot reviews will be glad to hear, is doing fine. This is just as well as Lesley plans on taking a trip away to Pig Beach where one may swim with swine. She really does love animals, and apparently ghosts like her. Perhaps they may like you too, eh?   

Is there anybody there…….? Is there anybody there……..?

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We take a look at lucky lottery numbers winner Lesley Herbert who claims her dead grandfather encouraged her to buy the winner.

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