National Lottery Open Week – Coming Up in The UK

  • The first National Lottery draw took place in 1994
  • Ever since than it has raised billions of fonts for good causes
  • The National Lottery Open Week is here to thank all the players
National Lottery Open Week
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The very first National Lottery Open Week in the United Kingdom was in 2017. Ever since then, the initiative grew a lot, but its main goal did not change. The people behind the event wish to thank lottery players all over the country, because it is them, who makes supporting good causes possible – by buying tickets.

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The first National Lottery draw took place in 1994. Since then, it has raised over 42 billion pounds for good causes. With the money, they support different areas of arts, sports, film, heritage, and also community. This is how lottery players in the United Kingdom can make a huge difference just by scratching some cards or playing some numbers. It does not matter if they go into brick-and-mortar places, where they can buy tickets or use online lottery sites in the UK – the outcome is the same. And the National Lottery Open week is here to thank them for all they do by playing with them. Keep on reading to find out how you can participate!

What is the National Lottery Open Week?

In the United Kingdom, they held the first National Lottery Open Week in 2017. Up until now, it grew to include 650 offers and they reach as many as 14 million people. It is not hard for them, since there is a massive National Lottery campaign, you can come across it on online gambling news sites in the UK and on social media channels as well. But how do they identify themselves?

According to their official site: “The idea is simple: anyone who visits a National Lottery supported project and shows a National Lottery ticket between 5 and 13 June is able to take up a special offer. We want to be really clear that it’s the support of National Lottery players that help fantastic projects and organizations to continue to make such a difference to people and communities – and National Lottery Open Week is the perfect way to say #ThanksToYou.”

National Lottery Open Week
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National Lottery Open Week 2021

As previously mentioned, you can take part in the event this year between June 5 and 13. There are several special offers that you can get if you are a player yourself. Have you been scratching some cards? Or have you filled a ticket on theLotter? Then your time has come! There are several museums and heritage sites, you can visit free. Sometimes they offer 2-for-1 tickets. You can have special, behind-the-scenes tours of sporting venues in the country. At some places, you can even enjoy a complimentary gift, a cup of tea, or a slice of cake! They offer free parking as well. And what is more: sometimes the event offers entry to sold-out theatre performances!

This year – under today’s special circumstances – they came up with alternative solutions for places that are physically closed. They can take part in the National Lottery Open Week through online offerings! This means free access to workshops, discounts at online shops, or free access to digital tours of attractions.

Feel like signing up?

If you would not want to miss the opportunities the National Lottery Open Week has stacked up for you, here is what you have to do. You just need to register and then they will have you on the list so that you can see what your area has to offer during the event. For the registration, you only need a previously purchased lottery ticket or scratchcard. And of course, you should not forget to keep on supporting good causes by buying some tickets from time to time. For special offers, visit theLotter, and get ready for the events of this year’s NOW!

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