Lotto Backing Gives Glasgow’s Unemployed A Jobs Boost


Posted: January 8, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

The unemployed of Glasgow’s East End have been given a boost after Lotto backs a pioneering initiative to help those out of work to get back on their feet.

Even though the UK is a hotspot for mobile casinos, the National Lottery is a household name even to non-gamblers in the UK.

As the first form of gambling to be regulated by UK gambling laws, the National Lottery has grown since its launch in the 1930s, allowing for Lotto to give back to the community.

The Big Lottery fund in Scotland has made a GBP 445,570 injection into Glasgow’s impoverished community, where it will back a programme offering free learning opportunities for the unemployed.

Lotto fund gives financial boost to the “Learning Works” project, helping Glasgow’s unemployed population in the East End

The fund will back the “Learning Works” program for another free years after the project was initially launched two-years ago by Thenue Housing, offering the jobless the chance to learn new skills to make them more employable.

The courses on offer include computer skills, personal development, literacy, numeracy and communication classes. Many course participants have either found work or enrolled on higher education courses as a result of the project.

“It is a great boost to our hard-working team who have helped to make it such a success and will give us a renewed sense of purpose to carry on the good work,” said Lawrence McCabe, the community regulation manager at Thenue Housing on the fund.

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