British MPs and Lords Aim To Shake Up Aging UK Lottery Laws

  • MPs Becoming More Vocal On Need For Adjustment
  • UK Lottery Laws Permit Over 16s To Obtain Tickets
  • Rules For Lotto Agent And Similar Sites May Change
UK Lottery Laws

The British government may have to do something about the lottery loophole. Typically, the law prohibits under 18s from gambling in the UK. Unfortunately, this doesn’t extend to lotteries. So UK lottery laws permit over 16s to purchase tickets and participate. This is something MPs and Lords would like to halt. So the operational terms of service for sites like Lotto Agent would change. Indeed if MPs have their way, even the best lottery jackpots will be reserved for adults only.

Once upon a time a long, long time ago the British government considered lotteries to be a thing apart. A lottery didn’t have the immediacy of a bet on sports in the UK, and typically the stakes were far, far smaller. So, to the casual observer, these truths were enough to place lotteries in a special bracket of their own. UK lottery laws reflected this allowing those over the age of sixteen to participate. Unfortunately, this just introduced a lot of kids to gambling a couple of years early.

The lottery doesn’t even know how many 16 and 17-year olds are gambling via its products.” MP Richard Holden is unhappy. He is among a widening group of MPs and Lords who want change. Want the loophole closed. They see progressive lottery jackpots as something best reserved for adults alone. They’re probably right. UK lottery laws are moribund. If these kids were trying to bet on sports in the UK there would be widespread uproar. The tabloids would go crazy. 

Lotto Agent May Become For Adults Only

Part of the problem is that it is not just a weekly draw. UK lottery laws didn’t need to be stringent when there were but few and infrequent winners. However, those that run the National Lottery felt it would be good to expand their offering. To provide their customers with other games to play. Scratch Cards the most notable amongst them. This, the MPs insist, is just fixed odds betting. They have a point. The instant win/lose experience nothing like the old weekly draw.

“We are the only country in the world that allows under-18s to gamble. It has to stop now.”

  • Carolyn Harris – MP

I want to see sensible measures implemented that protect vulnerable under-18s from what is potentially serious financial harm and addiction as a result of gambling.” Richard Holden was  quite forthright with his views on UK lottery laws. “And I hope that the Government acts soon on this matter alongside launching the broader Gambling Act review.” Which it may well do. You’ll still be able to find the best lottery to play at Lotto Agent, but you’ll have to be over 18 to do so.

UK Lottery Laws
There are changes on the table in the UK…

UK Lottery Laws Overdue For An Overhaul

Arguably, this is no bad thing. The industry doesn’t need the bad press of teenage problem gamblers. It has enough issues with the adults. Indeed, it seems such a simple matter to tighten up UK lottery laws it’s actually hard to imagine it won’t happen. Boris Johnson’s government could do with an easy popular win. Something to distract from the somewhat disastrous Brexit negotiations. So this is probably it. Sure, there will be scheduling issues, but they’ll overcome them.  

“If the decision is taken to raise the age, we’ll fully support that and do everything in our power to bring it in as quickly as possible.”

  • National Lottery operator Camelot Spokesman

Allowing people as young as 16 to lose unlimited sums on scratch cards is,” Richard Holden doesn’t mince his words. “To put it bluntly, madness.” So, it’s something he’s likely to repeat as often as possible in the coming months. Whether that will actually prompt a review of UK lottery laws and sites like Lotto Agent is moot. As the best lotto jackpot reviews will all point out, political expediency rather than good governance will probably make this happen anyway.

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We take a look at why MPs are demanding a change to UK lottery laws that would prohibit under-18s from participating.

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