Unfortunately It Might Be Time To Bet On A No-Deal Brexit

  • Big Budget Crisis May Distract From Brexit Negotiations 
  • Bet On A No-Deal Brexit Whilst There’s Time At Bet365
  • EU May Only Vote On UK Trade Deal On December 28th
Bet On A No-Deal Brexit

The EU and UK are still fishing for a deal but the deadline is just seven weeks away. Anyone who regularly puts the odd bet on politics in the UK knows that’s probably not long enough. The negotiations have stalled, the EU faces a budget crisis and the UK government is in turmoil. It’s hardly the most rosy of outlooks. So it may be time to hit up the online sportsbook sites in the UK offering prices, like Bet365, and bet on a no-deal Brexit. The only alternative is optimism.

Hungary and Poland deciding to veto the EU budget is unfortunate. They’re upset it links funding to respect for democratic norms. Mostly because by the EU’s definition neither country really does that. Be that as it may, the timing sucks. Just when the UK and EU had to knuckle down and focus on finishing the negotiations, they’re both distracted. The EU has its budgetary crisis, the UK a political one. Indeed the chaos inside No.10 is the best reason to bet on a no-deal Brexit.  

The Conservative government always claimed to have bet on a trade deal with the EU. However, their efforts towards this were suspect. Their insistence they can simply “disapply” parts of the agreement quite the stumbling block. Sure, it solves the problems that the Irish border creates, but it does also break international law. And who’d sign up to a deal with people like that? Exactly. So, a bet on a no-deal Brexit is well worth taking advantage of UK gambling laws at Bet365 for. 

Both EU And UK Face Other Pressing Issues

You can bet on Boris Johnson and his government knew this would be a deal-breaker. They display little concern, however. They’re pretty much ignoring the House of Lords ripping it out of the legislation. The upper house long since having lacked the clout to stop a government from its folly. This is such a roadblock it almost makes a bet on a no-deal Brexit mandatory. It appears almost purposely designed to provoke a refusal by the EU to accept the deal. Perhaps it is. 

Odds On A Trade Deal In 2020

With high hearts and complete confidence, we will prepare to embrace the alternative.” Said the UK Prime Minister. His bullish remarks probably don’t help solve any of the outstanding issues. Especially not those concerning fishing. Despite having significantly waned in overall economic importance, politically fishing remains a hot potato. It’s one of the reasons Boris seems to have bet on a no-deal Brexit. And another why you should hit online betting sites in the UK to do so too.

Bet On A No-Deal Brexit
Can’t wait to see how this will shake out

Find Your Bet On A No-Deal Brexit At Bet365

A bet on a no-deal Brexit, or one that reverts the relationship back to WTO rules, is then awfully sensible. This was true even before Boris Johnson’s inner circle fell apart. Dominic Cummings, his closest advisor, departed amid some acrimony. A distraction he didn’t need. They might be continuing to negotiate, but without large-scale compromise, this is going nowhere fast. Neither side seems willing to back down. They do, of course, have a third option. This is politics after all.

Odds On Transition Extension 

  • Yes – 6/4
  • No – 2/5

They can vote to extend the transition period. This would punt all the tough decisions off into the long grass for a while. Of course, that deal is scheduled for December 28th. Three days before the deadline. With all that is going on both sides of the channel, that almost seems the better wager. Sure it’s not a sexy bet. It doesn’t have the glamour of a bet on sports in the UK or the silly fun frivolity of a bet on the weather. But when Bet365 gives you odds on politicians procrastinating, you take them.

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We take a look at why a bet on a no-deal Brexit is a good idea, but not perhaps as much on them extending the transition period.

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