Can Churchill Bros Defy I-League Gambling Odds To Win?

Can Churchill Bros Defy I-League Gambling Odds To Win?

One of the teams is challenging for a top three finish, the other team is just trying to salvage a little dignity from a season that hasn’t done them proud. Both Churchill Brothers and Mohun Bagan go into their match on the back of a win but the I-League gambling odds seem to suggest the latter will definitely have the upper hand when they come together and if you’re going to do a bit of online gambling in India they’re probably the team to back.

I-League Gambling Odds

  • Mohun Bagan – 3/5
  • Churchill Brothers – 5/1
  • Draw – 2/1

Churchill Brothers have struggled a little this season and indeed if it weren’t for their one-nil win over Aizawl last game they’d be looking pretty dismal having lost the preceding three matches, which might explain why if you’re lucky you’ll find 5/1 I-League gambling odds on them in your local casino in India and if not you might have to settle for backing the favorites in this one. It might seem a shame to take advantage of Indian gambling laws for such short odds, but Mohun Bagan have done well this year.

I-League Gambling Odds Give Mohun Bagan The Edge

Sure, Mohun Bagan’s I-League gambling odds do fluctuate quite a bit, their loss against Gokulam knocking the bookies confidence, and the draw with a tenacious Chennai City was only partially forgotten with their win over Lajong. This then explains why they’re only getting around 3/5 to win a game they should technically walk, but as anyone sat in a poker room in India will tell you sometimes things just don’t go to plan, and this match is shaping up to be one of them for Mohun Bagan methinks.

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