Chinese Gambling Arcade has Chinese Elders Hooked on Fish


Posted: March 3, 2016

Updated: May 25, 2017

Making recent gambling news is a simple and nondescript arcade game: Fish Hunter has got the Chinese Elderly hook, line and sinker and they are spending their time and money in arcades all around China.

The culture of gambling in China has always been notable; however, a gambling trend has taken over, attracting Chinese elderly who can spend in the thousands during the course of a few years.

Younger crowd relies on mobile devices for gambling while elderly prefer social settings due to more isolated lifestyles after retirement

The gambling trend appears to have started by word of mouth, Chinese elders hearing about it and trying it out. The opportunity to play in groups allows for more social and community interaction.

The strangest part of the scenario is the location, an actual video arcade, where the environment is catered for children but in recent years has become more of a Chinese gambling arcade due to the influx of interest by the Chinese elderly market.

Casting a Net over a new Chinese gambling demographic

While this is might seem like strange news, many elderly Chinese see no reason to be concerned nor be judged about their choices in gambling. They feel the having a social life and the possibility of winning definitely out-weighs the isolation and boredom that can come with retirement.

Chinese gambling habits have always been known globally as being slightly higher than other countries. For the younger crowd and with hand held devices, online gambling is running even a higher streak than ever before.

With Fish Hunter, the elderly get to continue one of Asia’s favorite pastimes while also having friends and a social life.

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