US Presidential Election Bets Better Than Sports

Donald Trump leading candidate in Republican Presidential Race

If the constant scandals in the sporting world involving doping and corruption allegations have made you wary of putting your hard earned cash down to wager, perhaps it’s time you looked for something a little more honest, open and completely transparent and tried something new………like placing US presidential election bets instead, especially now we’re done with Super Tuesday.

It says much that the world of Politics is now slightly more honest than the world of sports. As the scandals at FIFA, the IAAF and IOC all demonstrate, corruption is a problem that sport is only now just learning to deal with, to work through, and to solve. Lessons that politics learned years ago, which is why the modern political candidate in the US Presidential election bets that he can win whilst playing as close to the edge of oblivion as it is possible to get.

Republican Nominee odds from bet365

  • Trump    1/6
  • Rubio     11/2
  • Cruz       14/1
  • Kasich    33/1

If you like to bet on sports in the US you’ll know that the players that get the best results are those that push themselves right to the edge of their performance envelope, and the same is true of politicians. Or at least it used to be, and then…….and then Donald Trump arrived. As a Brit I’ve long had Americans rubbish the UK’s political system for its anachronisms and seemingly silly traditions and staid stale character, but Trump proved the US political status quo had dried itself out quite a bit over time too.

Defying the odds, the unwritten rules and all expectations Donald Trump has taken the US by storm, winning most of the Primaries for the Republican Party and leaving his competitors squabbling in his wake. He began with overt racism mixed in with ridiculous generalizations and grandiose schemes, and followed that with more of the same, and the more it is pointed out what a farcical fat clown he is, the more popular he’s become. Now no one in the US Presidential election bets he’ll be so easily dismissed.
Donald didn’t go to the edge. Donald took a flying leap off it.

Politics Cleaner Than Sports?

When a small child I was told by my mother in a supermarket that it was impolite to stare at those afflicted in some way, that they were just people too and not there for me to gawk at. At the time I obediently looked away from the focus of my interest, but watching the Republican party come to terms with Donald Trump is a political car crash so massive that it is all but impossible to divert my gaze, something made no less easy by the candidates constant childish name calling.

Super Tuesday, when numerous states all hold their primaries together because they’re insecure, saw perhaps the last chance for the other candidates to stay in the race, as no one in the US Presidential election bets on a candidate that can’t get a win at this crucial juncture in the political landscape. However if Trump was gambling news headlines on Wednesday were going to be of him knocking out the opponents yapping at his heels, he was going to be sorely mistaken.

Whilst for the Democrats Hillary Clinton won most on the night, Bernie Sanders is still close behind her and has the backing to push all the way on to the July Convention, for the Republicans a similar result meant that the party remains divided and in disarray at a point where usually parties are rallying around their leading candidate. The Republicans aren’t going to rally around Trump, most of them can’t stand him and given they’re quite ghastly people themselves that really does say a lot about Donald.

Republican presidential Candidate Ted Cruz

Could Ted Cruz beat Trump to the Republican nomination? (Photo: USA Today)

US Presidential Bets? Better Get Realpolitik Baby!

Next President odds from bet365

  • Clinton    1/2
  • Trump     9/4
  • Rubio      16/1
  • Sanders   29/1
  • Cruz         50/1

Trump took the first five victories of the evening: Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Virginia, followed by Arkansas and Vermont. However Trump was beaten in Texas and Oklahoma by Ted Cruz, who also took Alaska. Marco Rubio got in on the win act too grabbing Minnesota. And thus the Republican party is doomed and all US presidential election bets on their candidacy are off.

Had Cruz or Rubio failed to win, as Kasich and Carson did, they might have been persuaded to drop out, to let the party coalesce around the unwelcoming, but winning, Donald Trump. Instead, both got just enough to keep them in the race, not wholly convinced their goose is cooked. The question is, just how far are the Republicans going to be willing to go in order to stop Trump getting the candidacy? Well, the bookies like bet365 seem to feel whatever they do, it won’t be enough.

With Cruz and Rubio each unwilling to defer to the other those that skirt US gambling laws will note Trump is 1/6 to get the candidacy with Marco in second on 11/2 and Cruz back off at 14/1, and whilst those latter two sets of odds don’t look all that attractive, this is politics, not sport, and Donald Trump only has Chris Christie from the entire Republican party by his side. And so, come the convention, the popular base might find the political elite are ready for them. At that point, a few bucks on Cruz might not be one of the worst US Presidential election bets ever.

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