Covington vs Woodley Odds – Covington Easily Wins

  • This fight almost did not happen
  • Woodley’s best days are behind him
  • Covington is a better all-around fighter.
Covington vs Woodley Odds

The wait is finally over and the Covington vs Woodley odds are out. Although the fight between the top welterweight contenders is still in the works, it is almost certain to happen on September 19. With both fighters coming off losses, they are in a must-win situation, and here why Covington will be victorious.

After A Long Wait, This Fight Is Finally Happening

Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington have been on a collision course for years now. When Tyron was the champion, Covington went on a public campaign calling out for a title fight on multiple occasions. In 2018, Chaos became the welterweight interim champion after defeating Rafael dos Anjos. This victory put him in the number one spot for title contention. Unfortunately, Covington had to go through a sinus surgery which canceled any plans of him fighting for the title. Instead, the UFC decided to give the opportunity to Darren Till who lost by submission. With Woodley remaining the welterweight champion, Covington vs Woodley odds were out again. However, the champion suffered a thumb injury that prevented him from competing for a period of time.

Covington vs Woodley Odds
Let’s fight!

With all this going on, Kamaru Usman was on the rise and dominated all of his opponents inside the cage. As a result, the UFC decided to skip Covington and give the title shot to Kamaru Usman who defeated Woodley by a unanimous decision. Later on, Usman finished Covington by TKO in his first title defense. Since both lost to the same fighter, it seems that all obstacles for them to face off in the octagon have been cleared. So, who has the edge in the Covington vs Woodley odds?

Covington vs Woodley Odds: A Must-Win Situation For Both Fighters

Both fighters are coming off losses in the last bouts. Covington lost to current champion Usman, while Woodley is on a 2-fight losing streak against Usman and Gilbert Burns. In his last two bouts, 38 years old Woodley looked far from his best. At such age, it seems that the former champion has his best days behind him. As a result, I believe that he would get dominated against Covington for the third time in a row.

Woodley could not handle the pressure and wrestling that Usman and Burns have put on him. He just backs up and throws an overhand right punch in hopes of getting a knockout. However, this gameplan will not work against Covington who is an elite All-American wrestler. Chaos puts such a high pace and pressure on his opponents to the point he breaks their will. Online sportsbook sites in the US also believe this is a terrible matchup for Woodley. Chaos is a huge favorite in the Covington vs Woodley odds. At 1xBET Sportbook, betting odds for Covington to come out victorious are 1.37, while odds for Woodley to get back to the win column are 3.32.

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