With an exciting middleweight bout on our hands, we will provide you with our Kevin Holland v Kyle Daukaus preview and prediction. The result of this fight is a crucial turning point in the careers of both fighters. Kevin Holland is looking to get back to the win column after 2 consecutive losses already this year. Therefore, a win could help him gain back some of the momentum he had in 2020. On the other hand, Kyle Daukaus has been struggling in his first 4 fights in the UFC. A win over a fighter with the caliber of Holland could really set the tone for his future at the organization. Who do you predict will win this exciting match-up? ... read more

With the UFC announcing the bantamweight title fight for October 30, Sterling v Yan betting tips and predictions have been circulating the internet. However, it seems that the opinion of the majority of MMA community has been influenced by the first fight. Yan and Sterling have already fought for the title in March of this year with the Russian losing via disqualification. Many thought this was an unfair decision since Yan was dominating the fight going into the 4th round. Therefore, it seems that the MMA community believes more of the same will happen, but it will end with the belt on Yan’s shoulder. However, if Sterling corrects the mistakes made in the first bout, we might see a different outcome. Do you agree with the general opinion of the MMA community?  ... read more

The next celebrity to visit space odds include some of the wealthiest people in the world. This is somewhat of a race between the billionaires of the world to pull off such a remarkable stunt. Jeff Bezos has already gone up to space in July of this year, and this will certainly motivate others as well. Money will not be an issue for any of the following candidates. The list includes entrepreneurs, businessmen, politicians, influencers, and many more. Who do you predict will be the first one to go? ... read more

Zenit special odds for the upcoming season include some options that will interest you. Bookies now offer you the option to place your betting predictions on the team’s season stats for the league. The club has had a successful 2021 campaign and has been dominating domestic competitions in recent years. Therefore, the question then becomes: will Zenit continue its successful run in the 2021/ 2022 season? Place your betting predictions to win money. ... read more

Bookies have published an unusual option in their Sergio Ramos special bet. Ramos is notorious for his aggressive defending style and is definitely one of the best in the history of the sport. However, his goal-scoring abilities make him a once-in-a-generation defender. In fact, he currently holds the record for most goals scored by a defender in La Liga. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how well he will perform in his debut season in Ligue 1. What is your prediction for the number of goals Ramos will score? ... read more

Lawler vs Diaz betting predictions and odds show that the MMA community has mixed feelings about it. People are divided into two groups with each believing that one fighter will win over the other. This shows how close of a fight this will be. Regardless of that, MMA fans will get to enjoy watching two legends scrapping again inside the UFC octagon. Lawler and Diaz have previously fought in 2004 with the latter winning via TKO in the second round. However, a lot has changed since that day as the two prepare for the rematch. Who do you think will win when those two legends collide? ... read more

Kevin Lee v Sean Brady predictions and odds are available after the UFC announced the bout for the event on August 29. This event will mark Kevin Lee’s debut at the welterweight division. After struggling to make the weight limit at the lightweight division, Lee and his team decided to move up a weight class to test his performance. However, the stylistic matchup against Sean Brady certainly does not favor him. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how he will handle the challenge at the new weight class. ... read more

With the new season approaching, bookies have published some weird La Liga bets for 2022 that will definitely interest you. Some of those options include predicting the team that will go unbeaten in all 38 matches. This has never been done before in the history of La Liga. Therefore, if you get this prediction correctly, it will certainly win a lot of money. In addition to this option, you can bet on the winner of La Liga, but the options include some twists. Read through this article to find out about all of the available interesting options. You would not want to miss out on them.  ... read more

The Copa del Rey winner odds and predictions reveal all of the expected teams. Bookies have Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid open as the top 3 favorites for the title. Each club has its own reasons to try and win the trophy. However, football is such an unpredictable sport that any club could theoretically win it. In fact, the latest surprise was in 2020 after Real Sociedad won the title against all the odds. Therefore, we might see other teams such as Sevilla or Real Sociedad creating a surprise in 2022. Who do you predict will win the title by the end of the upcoming season? ... read more

With the UFC recently announcing the fight, we will provide you with our Chimaev v Jingliang Li betting preview. Do not be fooled by the public opinion of this being an easy match-up for the Russian-born. Jingliang Li is a well-rounded fighter who is dangerous wherever the fight goes. Therefore, you should not underestimate the Chinese mixed martial artist. With that being said, Khamzat Chimaev will certainly hold a slight advantage going into the octagon. Therefore, the logic says that he should win if all goes according to plan. However, we have previously seen that this is a crazy sport which makes it difficult to predict a winner. Who do you think will win this fight? ... read more

In this article, we will provide for you the best betting odds for Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley. This will certainly be an interesting fight for several reasons. For instance, the storyline behind Jake Paul getting into boxing and Woodley avenging the loss of his friend is an attractive idea. Additionally, the different backgrounds of each fighter makes you anticipate the outcome of this fight. Jake Paul has recently got into boxing, while Woodley is a season mixed martial artist. This means that Paul has been practicing boxing for a while now. On the other hand, Woodley has never stepped into the ring and will be relying on his MMA experience to get him the victory. Being such an interesting fight, bookies have published several interesting betting options. Make sure not to miss out on them and place your predictions! ... read more

Manchester United vs Liverpool special bets for the upcoming season are out! Those are two of the best clubs in the history of English football. The two sides have clashed in many battles in the past with neither of them having a significant advantage over the other. However, in recent years, Liverpool has been gaining an edge over their rivals in the Premier League matches. Therefore, how will Manchester United strike back? The Red Devils have shown significant improvements in the past couple of seasons. However, they are still far off from the level they are expected to be at. Regardless of all of the circumstances, we will certainly witness other exciting matches between the two. The question that remains to be answered is concerned with the team that will come out on top. Go ahead and place your predictions to win money! ... read more

Harry Kane Premier League bets include some interesting options and predictions for the 2022 season. Being one of the best strikers in the world, the Englishman attracted the attention of several European clubs. As a result, it will be interesting to see how well he will perform with a new club. Bookies have included several exciting options in their special bets for Harry Kane. The options include the number of goals, hat-trick, doubles, yellow cards, and red cards. In order to maximize your winning chances, you should base your betting predictions on stats of the previous season. In this article, we have done that for you to help you win! Therefore, make sure not to miss this chance and place your bets to win money! ... read more

Paul Craig vs Alexander Gustafsson betting prediction shows a close fight between the two light heavyweights. This is an anticipated fight as Alexander Gustafsson is making his return to the division. Although the Swedish is a former title challenger and used to be one of the best, he opens as the underdog against his next opponent. Paul Craig is a dangerous fighter and a submission specialist. Therefore, if he is able to takedown Gustafsson and control him on the ground, then it will certainly be an easy win. However, he might get clipped with good shots on the way in. Hence, anything can happen in this fight, and whoever imposes his game plan will most certainly win. ... read more

Bet on Derrick Lewis vs Ciryl Gane as the UFC organized the two to compete for the interim heavyweight championship. Both fighters are special in the way they approach the fighting game. For instance, Derrick Lewis is a powerhouse who likes to be patient throughout the fight before landing one big punch to KO his opponent. On the other hand, Gane takes a more technical approach and likes to pick apart his opponent as the fight progresses. Therefore, it will be interesting to see who will triumph as two of the best heavyweights come head-to-head. In this article, we will outline for you the strengths of each fighter along with the early predictions of bookies and fans to help place your betting predictions. Let us know who you think will win on August 8.  ... read more

The 2022 Serie A winner odds show that Juventus is back to the position of being the best team in Italy. After the disappointing 2021 season, how will Juventus react and rebound for the upcoming one? Bookies have the 36x league champions open as a slight favorite for the upcoming season. However, winning the title in 2022 will certainly not be as easy as it was during the golden era of the past decade. Inter Milan has produced a magnificent performance last season to clinch the title. Additionally, AC Milan and Atalanta have been recently improving their play. Therefore, they should be considered as serious contenders to win the Serie A. Which team do you think will end up at the top of the standings? Go ahead and place your betting prediction! ... read more

The 2022 La Liga betting preview and predictions include a few interesting options that you should not miss. Place your prediction on which club you think will clinch the league title by the end of the season. This will be a 3-horse race between Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. The team with the most consistency throughout the season certainly has the best chance at winning the title. Additionally, the options include the opportunity to predict the clubs that will finish in the top 4 and top 6. Both of those categories are wide open as several clubs have equal chances of finishing in such positions. So, what are your predictions for the 2022 La Liga season? Place your bets now! ... read more

Cannonier vs Gastelum betting preview and odds are out after the UFC announced the fight for August 22. This is a fight between two of the top 10 contenders in the middleweight division. However, Gastelum is taking a greater risk as a loss will certainly toss him out of the top 10. Additionally, he comes into this fight as the underdog as all stats show a slight advantage for his opponent. However, let us not forget he is still one of the toughest fighters in the division. Therefore, you should not disregard him when making your prediction for the winner. Who do you predict will be the winner? Place your bet to win money! ... read more

The tennis Olympics winner bets show that this will be a close competition between the best players of the world. As usual, Novak Djokovic tops the list, but this time not by a big margin. The #1 in the world has previously struggled to make a significant impact in this competition, so it will be interesting to see how he performs. Additionally, several other players who hold impressive records on hard courts will be also participating. As a result, there is no clear favorite to be the next winner. Therefore, make sure not to miss this chance and place your prediction as odds have great return values. ... read more

Juventus Serie A special bets reveal some interesting options and predictions for the 2022 season. After a disappointing 2021 season, fans are hoping the team will get back on the right track with Allegri. The Italian manager has had his glory days with the Bianconeri and is hoping to repeat them in the near future. However, based on their published betting odds, bookies are not as optimistic. It seems that bookies expect similar performances from the team to that of the previous season. How do you see the team performing in 2022? Go ahead and place your predictions! ... read more