With the fight right around the corner, we provide you with a comprehensive Chris Eubank vs Liam Williams betting preview. The two will share the boxing ring on February 5 at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. Eubank and Williams are former sparring partners with a heated history. Both genuinely dislike each other which sets up for an exciting competition inside the ring. The outcome of this fight will once and for all determine who the better boxer is. Make sure you don’t miss out on this thrilling fight and place your betting predictions! ... read more

The Bahrain Grand Prix early predictions indicate to an exciting new Formula season. With the new revolutionary regulations, teams are hastily preparing for the season. The previous season featured one of the closest and most competitive battles in recent history with Verstappen stealing the title away in the last lap of the final race. Therefore, anticipation for how the 2022 season will play out is high and it starts with the first season in the calendar. Which driver and team will clinch the first crucial victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix? ... read more

Lightweight title holder predictions feature some of the best names the division has to offer. Many people within the MMA community consider the lightweight division to be the best in the organization. In fact, it is the most competitive division in the UFC. After the departure of Khabib, predictions for the new lightweight king became wide open. Currently, Charles Olivera is holding that belt as the champion of the division. However, he will have to go through the toughest competition, so will he keep his title by the end of the year? Or will there be a new lightweight champion reign? ... read more

Dele Alli’s transfer odds reveal several interesting options as the player’s relationship with Tottenham seems to be ending soon. The club has made clear to the 25-year-old that he is no longer part of their plans. As a result, Alli is currently seeking a new home at which he gets to have more playing time on the pitch. Being such a talented youngster with massive potential, many clubs are currently considering making a move. However, nothing is official yet with a few clubs in talks with Spurs. What options does the 25-year-old have on the table? ... read more

Tuivasa vs Lewis betting odds and early prediction all agree that this fight will not go the full distance. Both mixed martial artists are excellent strikers with the ability to shut each other’s lights off. Lewis is without a doubt one of the most powerful strikers in the history of the UFC. On the other hand, Tuivasa is more technical in setting traps to catch his opponents. This will be an interesting match-up as both will have to be extremely careful when closing the distance inside the octagon. Fans and bookies are in agreement on who holds the advantage going into this bout, but anything can happen on fight night.  ... read more

Vinicius Junior goals prediction is now the talk of the media after an excellent first half of the season. The youngster lacked the finishing touch in his first few seasons for the Merengues. However, it seems that he has matured significantly this year and is on his way to registering a remarkable number. Vinicius is currently #3 in La Liga’s top scorer standings with an excellent goal per game average. Therefore, if he keeps up the same pace, he has a good chance at exceeding all expectations for the season.  ... read more

The UFC featherweight championship odds are now available as we prepare for an exciting match-up. Current champion Alexander Volkanovski will defend his title against The Korean Zombie on April 9. The two possess an exceptional set of skills which will make it a great fight. However, recent polls and early predictions that fans within the MMA community believe one has a significant advantage over the other. Do you agree with those early predictions and odds? And how do you see this fight playing out? ... read more

Brunson vs Cannonier betting odds and early predictions indicate that we have a competitive fight coming up. Both are in the top 5 in the UFC middleweight division ranking, and a victory for either of them would put the winner in a good spot for a shot at the title. Recent polls are also showing that fans are divided on who they think will walk out with the win. This just goes to show just how exciting and competitive this bout is going to be. How do you predict this fight is going to unfold? And who will take a step closer towards the golden belt? ... read more

Anthony Martial transfer odds are now available as Rangnick publicly expressed the player’s desire to leave Man Utd. Although the youngster had a promising start to his career, things are not going his way at the moment. Martial has dropped out of the team’s starting eleven and is no longer part of the club’s future plans. As a result, the 26-year-old is seeking his next destination as he receives several offers from different clubs. With no official announcement yet, where do you think Martial will play for the rest of the current season? ... read more

In this article, we will list for you some of the best Blackjack movies of all time. The game’s history goes back to the 1700s and is one of the most popular gambling games today. In fact, it is one of the most played games in online and traditional casinos. With that in mind, many movies came out to feature the game. Therefore, if you are a fan of it and would like to watch a movie, then look no further.  ... read more

UFC 2022 bantamweight champion prediction is wide open with an interesting year ahead of us. Several candidates are up there in title contention and any of them could be the king of the bantamweights by 2022. Last year, the division was almost uneventful apart from the controversy with Aljamain Sterling. Therefore, the UFC will make sure to keep the wheel moving which will shape things up nicely for the fans. With many championship contenders in the division, who do you predict will be holding the belt by the end of the year? ... read more

Ngannou vs Gane betting odds and predictions shows just how big of a fight this is going to be. Both fighters are currently holding UFC belts and certainly are the best in the division. Ngannou is one of the scariest mixed martial artists on the planet with his raw superhuman power. On the other hand, Gane is a special talent that no other heavyweight is as technical as he is. It is an interesting match-up as raw power clashes with supreme technique. Who do you predict will walk out as the unified champion? ... read more

Nadal 2022 Grand Slam win predictions are now available as the new season kicks off. The Spaniard has had a disappointing season last year after failing to win any of the Grand Slam titles. Therefore, he will want to come back strongly and make up for that season. However, there is no doubt that Nadal is no longer in his prime, so it will be a very steep hill to climb. Regardless of that, let us enjoy one of the greatest players of all time compete for yet another year and hope he gets rewarded with a title. ... read more

Cybersecurity in online casinos is a serious matter that sites are always developing. Due to the high volume of daily financial transactions, hackers usually target players of online casinos. Therefore, organizers invest significant effort and financial resources to develop secure systems for the players. This ensures that all personal information does not leak to unwanted parties. Since this matter is crucial to all gamblers, we will provide you will the essential information you need to know about the security of online gambling. ... read more

Aubameyang transfer odds are now circulating the internet after the deteriorating relationship with Arsenal. The 32-year-old was playing the leadership role before receiving disciplinary action from Mikel Arteta. Since then, the Gabonese did not make any appearances with the club which raised questions regarding his future at the Gunners. As a result, several European clubs have reached out to Arsenal to inquire about a possible deal. With that in mind, bookies jumped on the opportunity and published several betting options on the matter, so where do you think Aubameyang will end up playing for? ... read more

The relationship between psychology and online gambling is something that many players fail to keep an eye on. One of the secret ingredients to becoming a successful gambler is understanding your psychological state and mindset. Playing when your mind is not at the right place is a loss waiting to happen. Therefore, it is important to keep your emotional state in check before and during any game.  ... read more

Khamzat Chimaev 2022 predictions are wide open after his latest dominant win in October of 2021. The Swedish mixed martial artist is a once-in-a-generation talent. Many people in the MMA community are now calling him the new Khabib in the UFC. In his four wins at the organization, Chimaev absorbed a total of two significant fights. Such a stat speaks volumes to just how dominant his performances are. As a result, it seems that him becoming a UFC champion is only a matter of time. The question then becomes, will 2022 be the year in which Chimaev wins the UFC gold? ... read more

The 2022 Tata Steel chess odds are now available with the tournament set to kick off on January 14th. The masters’ section of the competition includes some of the best players around the world. World champion Magnus Carlsen tops this list as the favorite to win the title. However, this will not be an easy task as other top grandmasters will be looking to put on a show. Additionally, we have witnessed underdogs putting on incredible performances to win the title in previous years. All in all, this will be one of the most exciting events of the year, so who are you predicting to top the standings? ... read more

Edinson Cavani transfer odds are circulating media outlets as the Urgyanian striker is clearly not comfortable at Old Trafford. With the current situation, several clubs have expressed interest in making a deal with the 34-year-old. Barcelona tops the list as the club seems to be the perfect home for Cavani. The Blaugrana are in desperate need of a striker as Cavani seeks more playing time. Reports out of Spain indicate that the deal is almost done but nothing is official yet. Therefore, anything can happen before the end of the winter transfer window. ... read more

After a good start to the 2021/ 2022 season, bookies have now published their Manchester City special odds. Under the leadership of Pep Guardiola, the team is currently one of the best in England and Europe. Coming off a great 2020 season after winning the Premier League title, predictions on the current campaign are now a subject of interest. Early numbers and projections reveal that Manchester City will produce similar stats by the end of this season similar to that of the previous one. However, anything can happen in football as the possibilities are endless. With that in mind, bookies have published several betting options for you to make your predictions. How do you see the season playing out for the defending champions? ... read more