Facing The Truth: Who Are The Best Managers in Italy?

Best Serie A Managers

We thought it would be interesting to collect the best managers in Italy. It was not an easy decision…

The best managers in Italy are expected to be rather successful people as the SErie A is in the top 5 footbal leagues in the world. However, Italian football is not living its best days, which means that the best managers in Italy are not even in Italy anymore…However, we still took a look at the excellent ones who are still working for Serie A clubs. Let’s see who they are!

1. Massimiliano Alegri at Juventus

No questions asked. Juventus has no real challenger in Italy, that’s pretty much obvious even at online sportsbooks in Italy. And that’s not only because Juventus would be much richer and would have so much better players than the rest of the teams: they also have a well-thought project to execute, as well as a perfect leader to make it happen.

The successful story of Juventus did not happen out of nowhere. They are going somewhere and they have just the perfect man to take a leading role in such a project. Juventus won Seria A, Coppa Italia and they even made it to the Champions League final. They were the ones eliminating title favourites FC Barcelona.

Unfortunately for them, they met the best team in the world in the final and hence they had no chances of winning the trophy finally. However, we can be sure as hell that Juventus will be among the top 4-5 candidates to win Champions League next season as well. You don’t believe us? Then take a look at the Champions League 2018 outright winner odds at online sportsbooks!

2. Maurizio Sarri at Napoli

Maurizio Sarri has been in charge of SSC Napoli since 2015. Before Napoli, he was manager at Empoli, where he was at the helm from 2012. From outsiders, he helped his team become favourites at online sportsbooks in the Serie B to win promotion. And they actually did it in 2014, only 1 year after losing the playoff final.

Sarri’s Empoli did very well in the Serie A as well. Despite all odds, he managed to avoid relegation and finished 15th. Sarri took his manager career to the next level and signed for Napoli, replacing Rafa Benitez. Sarri has been there ever since. When he took charge, the plan was to help Napoli overcome the damages that they suffered due to the Spanish master manager.

Ever since the appointment of Maurizio Sarri, Napoli have finished runner ups in 2`16 and they took the bronze medal in 2017. Their long-term goal is to beat Juventus and win Serie A but Sarir need to improve a lot on his team to be able to achieve that. They also hope to be more successful in the Champions League. And Sarri seems to be the man for the job!

3. Luciano Spalletti at Inter

Luciano Spalletti is quite a controversial figure in football, but not many could argue if he were one of the best managers in Italy. His achievemnts with AS Roma speak for themselves. He has been manager of the year in Italy twice, win the Serie B with Empoli and won Coppa Italia twice with Roma.

Spalletti took a small detour at Zenit, but now he’s back to prove he is one of the best managers in Italy – he is at the helm of FC Inter Milan, whom he hopes to bring back to Champions League as soon as possible. Online betting news in Italy believe in Spalletti’s skills. Will he be capable of putting Inter back to the throne of Italian football?

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