Bet on New Zuckerberg Investment – Is He Planning to Buy Tottenham Hotspur?

Zuckerberg Buying Preimer League Club

There could be some things in the world that not even Mark Zuckerberg could afford to buy… but a Premier League club is definitely not one of them!

Online betting news in the UK are rarely interested in new Zuckerberg investments. Partially because they happen every day and nobody can follow what he plans on buying next – possibly the entire world. But mostly because the new Zuckerberg investments have usually nothing to do with sports or betting…

However, this time it could be different. According to reports by the English press, the new Zuckerberg investment would be a ₤1 billion bid to buy out Tottenham Hotspur. And the deal is not impossible to happen! The current owner of the Premier League club is Joe Lewis, and he would be willing to sell his team.

How and why would Zuckerberg buy Tottenham Hotspur?

Zuckerberg would not officially buy Tottenham Hotspur, of course. Mark Zuckerberg is allegedly involved in an American investment firm, Iconiq Capital. Iconiq Capital manages the wealth of several Silicon Valley billionaires, including the famous Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

And this firm is interested in buying the club, apparently. They have already made their first offer, but the ₤1 billion ofer has been refused. However, should a ₤2 billion offer came in, Joe Lewis would probably be willing to accept it, according to the reports. Do you think Zuckerberg and his firm wil end up purchasing the Premier League team?

To clear all doubts away, Tottenham Hotspur have released an official statement, declaring that the club is not for sale and that the directive board is not negotiating with anybody about any possible takeover. Does that mean that Zuckerberg has zero chances of buying Tottenham Hotspur as the new Zuckerberg investment? Hardly…

Bet on Zuckerberg at online sportsbooks!

While Mark Zuckerberg’s name does not come up very frequently when it comes to betting on sports in the US, you can see his name for a while many times at novelty betting sites. The Facebook founder is especially popular at political betting odds, despite the fact that he officially has nothing to do with politics.

However, that’s obviously untrue in this capitalistic world – everyone with so much many has so many to do with politics. He is obviously one of the most influential people on Earth in the 21st century and that’s why so many online sportsbooks in the US expect Mark Zuckerberg to run for presidency sooner or later.

And you can already bet on Zuckerberg to be the next US President from 2020. Check out the best political betting odds at online sportsbooks! Do you think they are right? Does Zuckerberg have a chance to become the next US President after the next elections? He actually has better odds than many politicians…

For example, if you take a look at the next US President odds at Paddy Power, you will see that Zuckerberg is actually one of the most likely candidates. The odds for Zuckerberg to be US President are 26.00 (25/1). Those for Ted Cruz or Mitt Romney are 34.00 (33/1) and 51.00 (50/1) respectively.

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