FIFA World Cup Underdogs’ Chances: Can Russia Win The World Cup?

FIFA World Cup 2018 Trophy

Brazil and Germany are the biggest names, but what about the FIFA World Cup underdogs?

Online sportsbook news sites in Russia keep commenting about who Will win World Cup 2018. However, they keep coming back with the same names over and over again. Of course, not without a reason: they usually mention the most likely candidates. However, a FIFA World Cup is rarely a predictable event.

Which means that it is rarely the expected one to seize victory eventually. Will that be the case this year in Russia? Will we see an unexpected FIFA World Cup 2018 winner? Should you bet on the underdogs to win the World Cup? Which outsiders should you consider placing a bet on? Let’s take a look at the chances!

Who are the most likely candidates to win FIFA World Cup 2018?

Online sportsbook sites in Russia regard Germany and Brazil to be the main candidates to win FIFA World Cup 2018. Their odds are 5.50 and 6.00 respectively. They are followed by France and Spain with their 6.50 and 8.00 odds to win World Cup 2018. All outright World Cup winner odds are to be found at Vbet Sportsbook.

Can Russia win the World Cup 2018?

You can always bet on the big names, but what’s the fun in that? Actually were not number 1 favourites in 2014 and Italy weren’t number 1 favourites in 2006 either. The biggest favourites rarely manage to live up to the expectations, that’s why you should always consider the chances of FIFA World Cup underdogs.

For example, what do you think, can Russia win the World Cup 2018? They will be the hosting nation and if they are to regulate the referees like South Korea did in 2002, they will have quite high chances. And we know about Russian politics, so we cannot expect clear and stricktly-followed rules… the odds for Russia to win the World Cup are 34.00, you might want to consider it!

Will Portugal win World Cup 2018?

Apart from Russia, a more likely and reasonable wager could be a bet on Portugal to win the World Cup. The odds for Portugal to win World Cup 2018 are 26.00 at Vbet Sportsbook. Cristiano Ronaldo and his mates are arriving to the Russian tournament as reigning champions of Europe, just like Spain did in 2010…

Can Cristiano Ronaldo lead his country to glory once again? It’s the one trophy that is missed from his collection dearly. A World Cup victory could unquestionably put him above his biggest rival, Lionel Messi, who also lacks the World Cup trophy… The World Cup 2018 winner odds expect Argentina to be better: the odds for Argentina to win the World Cup are 10.00.

Belgium, Croatia… can the underdogs upset the odds this year?

Croatia and Belgium keep developing outstanding football talents these past few years. That’s one of the main reason why the online sportsbook directory expect these teams to perform better and better each time they compete in a tournament this big. They will still be FIFA World Cup underdogs in 2018 too.

If you want to bet on Belgium to win the World Cup, you will find 13.00 odds, while Croatia is rated at 41.00. It will be the one last chance for Real Madrid star Luka Modric to reach the highest level of international football. He already did that on the club level, winning 3 Champions League trophies in 4 years. Can he do something similar for his nation?

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