Five of the Bookies’ Favorites to Win Labour Leadership

Five of the Bookies’ Favorites to Win Labour Leadership

While gambling games require specific knowledge and skills, it’s totally different about betting odds. If you’re just like me and don’t see the real difference between Straight and Royal Flush, it’s time to bet on the next Labour Party Leader! We, a.k.a. GamingZion’ers, are going to show you some labour leadership election odds! Give a look at the bookies’ favorites to win labour leadership!

1. Dan Javis

Bookies’ Favorites to Win Labour Leadership

Candidate with 12/1 chance to win, according to the latest betting on labour leadership, British Labour Party politician since he was 18, Member of Parliament for Barnsley Central since 2011.

It’s unsurprisingly, that a former British Army Major, who became the first Labour candidate for the Barnsley Central seat (despite of his Nottingham origins) since 1938 who was not born in Yorkshire; who once claimed that he needed to put first his young family, but not politics, now is amongst the bookies’ favorites to win labour leadership.

2. Lisa Nandy

Even if for now she has 14/1 according to Paddy Power, ambitious woman elected to parliament in 2010, who became the constituency’s first female Member of Parliament and one of the first six Asian female MPs elected, has some serious chances to win.

3. Clive Lewis

“It’s sickening to think of British-built weapons being used against civilians and the government has an absolute responsibility to do everything in its power to stop that from happening…”

One of the next labour betting odds, true humanist, proud socialist, outspoken critic of British involvement in Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen, infantry officer, who faced a depression after three-month tour of duty in Afghanistan, Clive Lewis is on its way to win these elections.

If you believe in his victory, don’t miss a chance to bet on the next Labour Party leader! With his 10/1 possibility, he’s competing only with the top of the bookies’s favourites to win labour leadership – Emily Thornberry and Angela Rayner, so you’ve pretty chance to win, just like him.

4. Angela Rayner

Bookies’ Favorites to Win Labour Leadership

British Labour politician, care worker, and trade unionist, this woman is an embodiment of persistence. Despite of her hard young ages, now she’s going to win Labour Party Leadership elections with her strong 10/1! As a person, who left the school without qualification and became a parent at 16, she understands the importance of the NHS and education policy.

Notably Rayner is concerned that the government in 2017 raised tuition fees by statutory instrument and disregarded a later vote in parliament against this rise. Well, now she is the Shadow Secretary of State for Education.

5. Emily Thornberry as a bookies’ favorite to win labour leadership

Bookies’ Favorites to Win Labour Leadership

A real women rights defender, Emily Thornberry, now is on the top of betting odds. She has 7/1 and according to Paddy Power Sportsbook, she’s the future Labour Party Leader.

If you look through her campaigns, you’ll notice these provocative ideas. Like, once she called for a statue commemorating Emily Davison (the suffragette, who threw herself under the King’s horse during the campaign for women’s emancipation) in Parliament, pointing out that there were very few statues of female politicians and activists in Parliament.

In March 2015, Thornberry launched a campaign for a new Equal Pay Act. She said that, 45 years after the original Equal Pay Act was passed, women still earned 19% less than men on average.

These and other campaigns, like Affordable Housing, explain her top position in the labour leadership election odds and popularity among the people.

So, don’t waste your time and check your intuition with us! Who knows, may be exactly your betting odd will bring you nice monetary bonus. Only one click detaches you from Paddy Power and the next Labour Leader odds!

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