Bet on Amazon Headquarter: Which City to Pick?


Posted: November 8, 2017

Updated: November 11, 2017

Which city should you pick when placing a bet on Amazon headquarter? We’ll try to tell you in this article…

Online sportsbook news sites in the US are excited about the latest news: Amazon is building its second headquarters and US cities are actually fighting hard for Amazon to choose them. Of course they do, that’s the dream for politicians: to be able to tell their voters “Yes, it was me who created all these well-paid jobs for you, now vote for me!”

The Rytimes writes based on Amazon statements, that a total of 238 cities applied for Amazon to build its second headquarters in their city. John Oliver also analysed this on Last Week Tonight. He made fun of Amazon’s possible tax reductions they will receive from the city they choose, even though they’d build a second headquarter even without the additional extras.


Bet on Amazon headquarter host city!

Of course not only news sites, but online sportsbook sites in the US are also trying to take advantage of the situation. Which means that now you can bet on Amazon headquarters! Which city will they pick? The Forbes picked 5 cities with the highest chances: Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Austin and Boston.

If you want to see the best novelty betting odds to bet on Amazon headquarters, take a look at the latest review about Paddy Power Sportsbook. The odds for Atlanta are the best: 4.00. Austin and Boston has 8.00 odds, and Forbes’ tips of Pittsburgh go at 15.00 at Paddy Power Sportsbook.

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