Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Odds Give No Chance to the Youtuber

  • The fight is a complete mismatch but fun to watch
  • Paul will either quit or be brutally knocked out
  • Paul remains amateur in his boxing techniques
Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul odds

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul odds are available, despite the date and venue of the “super exhibition” fight yet to be revealed. About the favorite! Well, that does not need to be mentioned or even analyzed. It is no doubt the ‘Money’ Mayweather.

The exhibition fight between the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and the YouTube star Logan Paul was announced last November. On the fight night of Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr., the news broke out. Online sportsbook news sites in the United States followed with all the updates about the fight. But, there is still a lot of information yet to be revealed.

The fight billed as ‘super exhibition’ was set for 20 February. However, that original date was pushed back. The new date, venue, weight limit, number of rounds, etc. are yet to be determined. Thus, the only thing that is clear both guys are serious to make this fight happen. So, what about Floy Mayweather vs Logan Paul odds? Mayweather the favorite stands at 1.045, while Paul is at 8.2, with a draw at 13, according to 22BET Sportsbook.

Mayweather wants to make a David vs Goliath Fight

Arguably the greatest boxer ever Floyd Mayweather is interested in another display fight for his outstanding skills. This time he is picking a complete mismatch but a fight that will be fun to watch and bet on.  He will get into the ring against a guy who is around 40 pounds heavier than him. Thus, showing a fight that will look like David vs Goliath.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul odds

While being retired and 43 years old, Mayweather is eager to show off his athletic superiority against the YouTube personality. Mayweather shared the ring with some of the greatest including Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo Alvarez, and Manny Pacquiao. Thus, a loss or a draw for Mayweather against Paul will be an embarrassment.

Most online sportsbooks in the United States suggest Mayweather will make Paul look like a fool in the ring. Mayweather will either force Paul to quit at some point, or he will knock Paul out whenever he feels bored with the fight.

Paul is still an amateur in his boxing techniques

The Youtuber Logan Paul has six inches in height and four inches of reach on Mayweather. Besides, he is 18 years younger than his upcoming opponent. What is more, Paul has 22.8 million followers only on YouTube. However, all of that will be no use against the undefeated champ with 50 pro fights on his resume.

According to Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul odds, Paul is no near to Mayweather in overall boxing techniques. Paul lacks both speed and movement to catch his opponent with a solid hit. Interestingly, the YouTuber had only one pro fight in his entire boxing career, and guess what he lost that fight! So, it will be insane for anybody to think of Paul as a serious fighter at least against the legend Mayweather.

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