How Much Do Football Players Earn?

  • The salaries of football players are often confidential
  • However, in the modern world, finding the information you need is not difficult
  • So how much do football players earn? Let’s check it out!
How Much Do Football Players Earn

The salaries of football players, like the number of other incentive payments, are often confidential. However, in the modern world, finding the information you need is not difficult. After analyzing the research of analysts from Forbes and comparing their results with data from insiders, the most accurate rating was obtained. So how much do football players earn? Let’s check it out!

5th place goes to Oscar from Brazil

Oscar plays for Shanghai SIPG with an estimated salary of $ 25.9 million per year. Indeed, the Brazilian Oscar, remembered for his performances for Chelsea, feels great in China, without much straining earning about $ 26 million annually. At the same time, the midfielder still dreams of returning to Europe after earning money in the Middle Kingdom, reanimating his career in one of the top clubs. In the launched Chinese Championship Oscar does everything to work out the contract conscientiously. Moreover, the Brazilian has already appeared in the starting lineup in 92% of matches. Besides, he has spent 100% of the playing time in the Asian Champions League along the way and taking part in every second goal of the Shanghai SIPG in this tournament.

How much do football players earn: 4th place – Gareth Bale

This Real Madrid player earns $ 28.6 million per year. Although the salary of the 29-year-old “realist” winger Bale does not reach $ 30 million, he works out this money rather poorly. So, in the last championship, the Welshman recorded only 8 accurate strikes in 29 matches of the Spanish League, adding only 3 goals in all other tournaments. If Bale still decides to be sold, it is far from the fact that Gareth will be able to maintain his usual salary at a new place of work! Online sportsbooks in Spain offer their football bets. Do not miss the chance to make real money like a professional football player. Besides, read our article about 7 Top Football Players Who Gamble.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) takes the 3rd place

How much do football players earn? This representative of Juventus has an estimated salary of $ 34 million per year. Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo ranks third in the ranking of the highest-paid football players in the world, with stable annual earnings in the Turin club at $ 34 million. Moreover, the Portuguese also makes over $ 50 million in advertising and commerce. Is it possible to assess the past year as performed by the Portuguese unequivocally? In the 2018/19 season, Ronaldo became the champion of Serie A. Moreover, he did it ahead of schedule and was recognized as the best player in the tournament. However, at the same time, Cristiano with Juventus managed to fly out of the Champions League long before the final. Still, he is one of the 10 Most Popular Footballers on Instagram. Meanwhile, the 1xBet Sportsbook offers to bet on Ronaldo being gay.

How Much Do Football Players Earn
C. Ronaldo – Ludovic Péron, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How much do football players earn: Neymar takes the 2nd place

We wrote about this talented but very traumatic guy many times, including in the light of his possible summer transfer to Real Madrid or another top club in Europe, which will further increase his income. Online sportsbooks in Spain even offered their bet on it. In the meantime, Neymar is living his best life in Paris. Indeed, he makes about $ 37 million a year under a contract. Besides, a football player has another $ 17 million thanks to lucrative advertising contracts.

The most expensive football player in the world: Lionel Messi

The most successful and, just as important, the richest footballer in the world is the Argentinean Lionel Messi. One of the brightest players of our time earns $ 84 million a year. Moreover, he earns another $ 27 million from advertising activities, collaborating with Adidas, Pepsi, Huawei, Mastercard, and Lays. In the previous season, Leo Messi rarely for a second stopped dragging Barcelona on his hump, scoring in almost every match in which he took part. Besides, Messi is always the main contender for the Ballon d’Or. However, a 0-4 loss to Liverpool after a 3-0 home win and, consequently, being eliminated from the Champions League have significantly spoiled the season. But from a financial point of view, Messi has no time to grieve. Indeed, in the coming years, he will retain first place in the ranking of the highest-paid football players in the world!

Why do people think Premier League footballers are overpaid?

Mainly because their incomes reach absurd numbers, and such a lot of money cannot be spent even in a lifetime. Contracts like the one signed by Messi mean that the club will pay you money no matter what form you wear. If you get injured and leave the game for a few months, you will still get money. Moreover, if you get sick, you still receive your salary. Indeed, football players don’t have to live on the measly $ 100 a week that normal people get for the sick leave. However, it’s not only that. If you are injured or sick, the club will provide you with any medical care, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and anything else that will help you recover or just live in comfort. And it’s all free.

How Much Do Football Players Earn
Let’s play!

Besides, you will have a gym, swimming pool, massages, and sauna. Also, most clubs have their priest for spiritual guidance. The club even pays for the underpants that you wear under the uniform on the day of the match. And if you’re a Messi-level footballer, you get almost $ 84 million a year. In other words, it is all-around protection on an industrial scale. Few ordinary people can afford this. However, sometimes it seems abnormal and undeserved to people. How much do football players earn? Millions of dollars! Visit the 1xBet Sportsbook and get real money like a pro.

How much do footballers earn compared to other athletes?

Why aren’t other rich athletes criticized? Because football is the most popular sport on the planet and has a lot of fans. Also, it is important that the earnings of football players are there in any case and do not depend on victories or losses. Golfers, tennis players, and boxers receive royalties from prize money or special benefits for the winners. To earn a large amount, you need to win a grand victory (and more than one). Moreover, they do not have the support of the team, like the footballers who do not play alone on the field. This is why individual athletes who do not participate in team sports, according to people, deserve much more rewards.

And the same Messi earns millions of dollars per month, and he has a contract for six years, regardless of whether the team wins at least one match. And even regardless of whether he will play in the first team. To people, such contracts seem wild especially when they discover Luxurious Footballer Homes. Online sportsbooks in Spain offer various football bets. Check them out!

Marketing pays football players

So this is all just marketing? Indeed, players get what the market is willing to pay. It all depends on supply and demand. Such a conclusion suggests itself, and in the equation there really must be supply and demand somewhere. But is there a demand for Messi’s game? Not really. Indeed, there is a demand for the Barcelona team. This is completely different. Traditionally, the market comes into play when a lot of people want to get some rare product (in our case, a top football player). The price of this product rises until it becomes available to units. However, is there any kind of competition in this case? Maybe there was another club that would have bought Messi for $ 84 million if Barcelona had to pay $ 90? Doubtful.

And if there was, what kind of club is it? Wouldn’t Messi have signed a contract for 90 million? Or maybe there was another club that was willing to pay more than Barcelona offered? It is also doubtful. Therefore, it turns out that no traditional market relations work here. There is no competition between the clubs that could raise the price of Messi so much. Any club can announce the price for a player, and another club can either pay it or not buy the player. Maybe in the case of the Brazilian and FC Hoffenheim, it was, but this is not a market competition in the usual sense. In reality, the price for a player’s transfer to another club and his salary cannot be rationalized, because in general, they are negotiable. Learn about the Most Intelligent Footballers and visit the 1xBet Sportsbook. Good luck!

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