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This time, the focus is on the 17th edition of New Zealand’s Super Smash T20 tournament. According to our 2022 Super Smash T20 betting odds, this season’s title race will be tough.  What’s more, the 2022 Super Smash T20 betting odds have labeled three clubs as the best Super Smash T20 bets. So, it’s safe to say that fans and bettors are in for a ride.

In 2021 we had a couple of great sports events, like the summer Olympics and the Euros 2020. But the world is ready to keep it rolling in 2022! The winter Olympics is coming up, and we cannot wait to see how it turns out: the Olympics special odds and predictions are here to give us a hint!

Following the end of the World Cup qualifiers, we already know the 10 European teams which will compete in next year’s World Cup in Qatar. But three places are still available for the winners of the playoffs. Teams like Italy, Portugal, and Russia will compete for these places next March. Let’s see first the favorites to win the semi-finals in the three paths according to the 2022 World Cup European playoffs odds. 

When it comes to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, most of the world is curious about what is next. And it is no different now, that Kim has a new boo! We do not know much about them yet, and how they will be holding up. But the special predictions on Kim Kardashian’s relationship give us some thinking to do!

If you like listening to music, you probably use Spotify to listen to your favorite artists and songs. In the app, you can see what artist or playlist you listen to the most. Did you know that every year you can bet on the top streaming artists on Spotify? 2021 is nearly over, so if you want to bet on the top Spotify artist odd, don't hesitate!

If you like to gamble online – does not matter if we are talking about poker or sports betting – you have probably heard about Betway. Or even if you are not a gambler, you could have run into it, because the brand is basically everywhere! It is mostly because of the deals it has with several other brands: see some new ones from 2021!

Even though the 94th Academy Awards seem far away, it's high time to start predicting the winner. Among the 224 categories, Best Actor usually takes over the headline. This year The Best Actor category is full of highly talented actors, like Will Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Denzel Washington. So guessing the winner is not as easy. On the other hand with the Oscar Best Actor Odds for 2022 you can guess more easily.

The South Korean miniseries Hellhound has become the most-watched project on Netflix, overtaking the famous Squid Game. It started on the platform on November 19 and a day later topped the ratings in more than 80 countries. The fact that the series has become the most famous project of the streaming service, wrote The Guardian on November 23, referring to the data of the FlixPatrol service. The show is directed by Yong Sang Ho. In this article, we will look at Netflix’s Hellhound popularity odds.