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Casinos in Hungary

The amendments of the Hungarian Gambling Act from 2014, allow the establishment of maximum 11 casinos in the country. As of March 2017, there are 8 registered casino brands in the country, the largest among them being the Las Vegas Casino, with casinos on several locations in the capital Budapest. The Grand Casino in Debrecen, which has for years been the largest casino in the country, is still offering some of the most attractive poker tables in Hungary.

The first true casino in Hungary did not open until 1981. By 1993, the country had 20 major casinos scattered across its cities, though most were clustered in and around Budapest.

Online Casinos in Hungary

Online gambling is legal but monopolized in many aspects. However the online casino sector seems to be a bit more liberal. Opening an online casino in Hungry is still an exclusive right to the land based casinos in the country according to the Hungarian Gambling Act from 2014. As of March 2017 there are only two online casino operators both run by Szerencsejáték.