The Most Luxurious Footballer Homes in 2019

  • Pique and Shakira have an incredible mansion in Barcelona
  • Neymar settled in the house Ronaldinho lived in
The most luxurious footballer homes in 2019
Pique's mansion provides everything he might need to relax after his matches

It’s always great to see magical footballers shine on the pitch. However, sometimes it’s interesting to take a look behind the curtains, and see their shiny life off the field as well. Can we notice the extravagant style of Pogba and Neymar on their houses as well? We’re here to find that out. Here are the most luxurious footballer homes in 2019.  

Our latest review about Unibet Sportsbook shows that you can bet on the performances of certain footballers at their site, whether the players score, get a yellow card or sent off. Therefore, we often analyze their performances on the pitch. However, it’s also interesting to take a look behind the curtains and check out how these magnificent footballers live. In this article, that’s exactly what we’ve done. Here are the most luxurious footballer homes in 2019.

4. Pogba has a house that’s perfect for a solo guy

Paul Pogba is one of the most extravagant players in football. He’s a guy who has a different haircut every week and his style in general is everything but reserved. It’s not hard to imagine how his Mancunian mansion might look like. It’s luxury from top to bottom.

From the outside the house looks like an office – the magic happens in the inside. Pogba doesn’t have an enormous place, but he lives alone, so he doesn’t really need a castle. The house is perfect for a solo guy. After a tiring day, Pogba can relax in his beautiful bathroom, play his piano, or watch TV, since he apparently has TV screens everywhere.

He also has an indoor pool as well – having a pool in the garden doesn’t make much sense in Manchester. It’s only his bedroom that’s a bit weird for us. It’s so chill and elegant it’s actually unusual to see the rather harsh midfielder in there.

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3. Messi is living in an incredible neighborhood of Barcelona

Messi’s obviously one of the best players in the world. Some of the online sportsbook sites in the UK argue that he’s the favorite to win the Ballon d’Or this year. He’s been living in Barcelona since he was a teenage boy, so he had a lot of time to settle. Being one of the richest footballers in the world he also had the funds to build a proper mansion for him and his family… and his dog. Have you seen his dog? It’s enormous. It’s bigger than its owner and it definitely needs space.

And believe us, he gets it. Messi has a house with a swimming pool, a football pitch in the garden, a great view on the neighborhood with a lot of other nice houses and swimming pools. It has plenty of room, but not too much to get lost in it – it’s just perfect for a family. The house itself looks like it could be built anywhere on earth, but once you walk the streets in the area you can already feel that Catalan vibe around you. It’s the perfect place for a loyal footballer.

2. Neymar’s mansion used to be Ronaldinho’s

Neymar lives in a rather quiet area in the suburbs of Paris. However, he’s relatively close to the city centre, so it’s the perfect location. The mansion was built on a hillside, so it promises a stunning view on the capital of France. Again, the house itself is rather reserved from the outside. It even has a few rooms inside that don’t really remind us about the style of the Brazilian forward.

It has a reason: since Neymar just moved to Paris less than 2 years ago, this place wasn’t built by him. It’s actually the house Ronaldinho lived in when he was playing for PSG. However, it does have some shiny living rooms with golden pieces of furniture around, while Neymar surely loves his indoor pool and jacuzzi as well.

1. Pique and Shakira have a house that’s way too big for them

The number one on our list of the most luxurious footballer homes in 2019 is the mansion of Gerard Pique and Shakira. It’s located in a posh neighborhood in Barcelona, and was built on a hill, so the view is obviously stunning. In other areas it’s surrounded by trees to protect the privacy of the Pique-family. The Catalan defender managed to get the house for 5 million euros, though it’s definitely worth much more. It apparently have a “Swiss style” – we can’t confirm that, though it definitely looks magnificent.

The house has plenty of enormous living rooms in it, but Pique and Shakira also have a gym, a huge swimming pool, a tennis court, and an incredible cinema. The latter is extremely huge, it’s hard to imagine why they need an actual cinema on their own. They surely have the friends and family around quite often. The whole place is so big that the couple and their two children can easily get lost in there alone. Otherwise, the place is obviously brilliant, and provides everything Pique might need to relax after his matches.

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