10 Most Popular Footballers on Instagram


Posted: June 22, 2020

Updated: June 22, 2020

  • Here are 10 players with the most Instagram followers
  • Ronaldinho is the only retired footballer on the list
  • Leo or Cristiano: who has the most fans?

With the growing popularity of social media, football fans got an additional reason to rank favorite players. Previously, they competed mostly by a number of trophies and goals, but the army of followers also matters nowadays. Here are the 10 most popular footballers on Instagram by 2020.

Social media influencers, streamers, bloggers became an integral part of the modern world and their impact has reached sports too. Today’s footballers have to follow trends to stay on top of their popularity. Let’s take a look at 10 players who have the most followers on Instagram – the main social network in 2020.

It is important to remember that being popular on Instagram is not equal to being the best player. Staying active on social media means mostly having more profit by getting additional attention from people who can be far from football. All players have to do is be active on the Internet, so let’s see who copes with this task the best.

Thiago Silva is #10 with 16 million followers

Thiago Silva is the 10th most-popular player on Instagram by 2020. A 35-years-old Brazilian player has been playing as a PSG defender since 2012, so he reached the most followers thanks to successful performance in the club and in the national team too. Silva has 16.6 million followers so far, who stay tuned to his everyday life. The player shares pictures of his sports and family life on social media and is a quite frequent user of Instagram.

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most popular footballers on Instagram
Football fans in Spain

Luiz is among the most popular footballers on Instagram

David Luiz, a 33-years-old Brazilian player, is 9th by a number of followers on Instagram in 2020. His profile is popular among 19.4 million users and this number is constantly growing. No wonder that Luiz can reach 20 million by the end of the year. This prediction can come true thanks primarily to the EPL renewal, where Luiz plays for Arsenal. Although his club has small chances to take the cup, Luiz’s great performance can easily attract new fans to his Instagram page. On his profile, the footballer usually shares sports moments.

Karim Benzema reached #8 thanks not only to football

Real Madrid players have always been popular on social media and Karim Benzema is no exception. A 32-years-old striker has 34.4 million followers on Instagram, which brings him the 8th spot. Benzema’s profile is full of pictures of football moments, but this isn’t it. His fans can also look at his luxurious lifestyle and leisure activities he shares on Instagram. Putting Dior and Bugatti brands on his page should be a reason for Benzema to have such a big margin between him and David Luis, who holds the 9th place of the most popular footballers on Instagram.

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More than 40 million follow Ibrahimovich’s profile

Zlatan Ibrahimovich has always stood out from the crowd. His social media life is not an exception: Zlatan reached 43.2 million followers having the least posts among all players on this list. For years of having an account, Ibrahimovich shared less than 700 pictures but managed to outrun Benzema and Silva on the top-10 most popular footballers on Instagram. That is how the name works for one!

Apart from football moments, this Swedish player regularly shares commercials of his products and photos of his everyday life. However, it is more correct to say that Ibra does not upload his pictures on Instagram, but Instagram is the one with a privilege to have Zlatan’s pictures being uploaded…

Gareth Bale outruns Ibrahimovich by 100.000 followers

One of the most popular footballers on Instagram is Gareth Bale. This 30-years-old defender of Real Madrid has just 100.000 followers more than Ibrahimovich and enters the top-6 with 43.3 million fans. Will he stay here by the end of 2020 is a good question. Probably, if Real Madrid wins La Liga (which is possible according to 1xBET Sportsbook predictions), he will still stay above Zlatan. All in all, Bale’s profile seems to grow in popularity as of now. His followers enjoy posts about football, which occupy 95% of Gareth Bale’s profile.

most popular footballers on Instagram
Football fans in Brazil

James is #5 among the most popular footballers on Instagram

Another Real Madrid player is here. 28-years-old James Rodriguez opens the top-5 with 45.7 million followers. The young sportsman shares pictures of his training, memorable football moments, but does not forget about private life too. His fans can enjoy numerous pictures of Rodriguez’s children – Salome and Samuel. He has all chances to earn more attention on social media thanks to his positive posts and physical resemblance with Cristiano Ronaldo, who is higher on this list.

The only retired player is #4 on the list – it is Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho is a living legend and his success on social media speaks for it too. A 40-years-old ex-player of Barcelona has 51.4 million followers on Instagram, which allows him to take the 4th place. He is the only retired footballer on this list – isn’t it great?

Fans can rarely see Ronaldinho’s private life moments on his page. The player uses his Instagram account to share pictures of his bright football career in Barca and in the Brazil national team. No wonder that he has so many followers, who find it hard to accept that Ronaldinho’s football career is a memory now.

#3 – Neymar and his 139 million followers

Here come titans of social media. Neymar Jr. opens the top-3 of the most popular footballers on Instagram with an amazing 139 million fans army. A PSG star usually shares colorful pictures of his leisure, photoshoots, commercials, and football, for sure. In addition, news and scandals about Neymar play for his popularity in some way as he is the youngest player on this list and he is so high. Use online gambling sites in Brazil to bet on Neymar’s club achievements in 2020 as football season is in its full flow again.

Leo Messi’s Instagram is the second most popular

With 155 million followers, Lionel Messi becomes the second most popular player on Instagram. A 32-years-old Barcelona legend is not extremely active on social media, but fans still want to follow the GOAT. Usually, Messi shares his pictures on the field, training moments, and family, for sure.

Guess whose Instagram profile is number one? A small tip: his comparison to Messi is one of the biggest football rivalries ever.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo has the most popular Instagram profile by 2020. His account has 225 million followers, which is a record on this app. To say more, Ronaldo is not the most followed among footballers, but among all celebrities! His closest competitor is Ariana Grande – an American singer who has 190 million fans on her account. Well done, CR7!

However, Ronaldo’s Instagram has one unbeatable counterpart and it is… Instagram itself! The same-name official account of the app has 353 million followers and this record seems to stay for a long time.

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