9 Best Poker Streamers in 2020

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best poker streamers in 2020

Among all poker experts on the Internet, streamers stand out the most. Watching live grinds and tournaments followed by various tips & tricks not only entertains but can boost your own gambling career. Here are 9 best poker streamers in 2020 to follow for great and useful content.

There are at least 3 reasons to follow the best poker streamers in 2020. Firstly, it is a possibility to learn new tips & tricks from poker pros. Secondly, you can learn interesting facts about the game and broaden your mind. Finally, you will stay tuned to the newest updates in the poker world as streamers usually follow the latest trends and events to create content. Do you need more? Check brief descriptions of the nine most popular streamers and choose the one with related interests.

Jason Somerville is a #1 poker streamer

Every poker fan should have heard about Jason Somerville. He is one of the best American poker players, who has won a WSOP bracelet and almost $4 million in various tournaments. However, his achievements are not the only thing that makes him stand out from other poker pros. 

best poker streamers in 2020
Who’s your favorite?

Somerville is called “The Godfather of Twitch Poker” for his success in streaming poker games. He was the first poker player who got 10 million views on live videos and therefore developed the boost of streaming of gambling games. Yet he doesn’t make lots of content nowadays, Somerville is still worth following for commentary on live events. Join his 230.000-fans  army at Twitch or find him at casinos with live poker games.

Best poker streamers in 2020: Jeff Gross

Another American streamer Jeff Gross has 56.000 followers on streaming platforms, which puts him on the list of the most popular poker stars. Gross started playing poker at the age of 14 and reached great heights for almost 20 years of his career. He earned more than $5 million in tournaments, participated in 5 WOSP finals, and placed 2nd in the PL. Such a rich experience works for Jeff in streams too – he regularly plays mid and high stakes games, so if your style of play is double down, he is the best teacher for you.  

Apart from streaming, Gross also is a video blogger. He owns a branded streaming platform “Poker Flow Show” and has a Youtube channel, where you can follow him playing.

Follow Felix Schneiders for useful poker videos

23.000 followers on Instagram and almost 50.000 fans on Twitch make Felix “xflixx” Schneiders one of the most popular streamers. He is a German poker player, who not just streams his grinds, but teaches the best ways to play. Xflixx also creates video lessons with strategy tips and provides personal coaching to make other big poker masters. Schneiders makes videos in German and English, which is a rare thing for streamers who are mostly one language-speaking. Learn tips from Felix and try them at 888casino.

Ben “Spraggy” Spragg aims to inspire other gamblers

Ben “Spraggy” Spragg is one of the best poker streamers in 2020. He is a British poker player who studied journalism but never worked in this field as he found a niche for himself in gambling. In particular, poker became one of his most successful activities right after graduation in 2012: one year later, Ben entered the top-10 in the UKIPT Galway Main Event and won €30,000.

best poker streamers in 2020
These are the best.

However, the journalist’s background helped Spragg to develop his poker career. He became a  successful streamer with more than 54.000 followers on Twitch. Ben’s goal is to make people love poker as he does and share his knowledge with them through live streams full of jokes and humor. If this approach to gambling is what you need, follow him on Twitch or at online casinos in Australia.

Fintan “EasyWithAces” Hand teaches poker

Follow Fintan “EasyWithAces” Hand to learn things about both sides of the poker table. Before he became a successful poker player, Hand worked as a dealer in a casino. He quickly learned how to play and also realized that making money as a player is better. This is how Fintan started his story in the gambling industry.

Nowadays, his account EasyWithAces counts more than 45.000 followers in live streams. 

Story of Hristivoje Pavlovic’s success

Australian pro Hristivoje “ALLinPav” Pavlovic is among the best poker streamers in 2020. His story of becoming a top poker player began just a few years ago with low stakes, but his profit reached $80.000 by 2019. The same touches upon ALLinPav streaming career. He started doing live videos in $5 tournaments, but now he is the one with over 40.000 fans on Twitch. 

Pavlovic’s success is a result of skills and hard work, but the style of play also matters. His 10-hour  grinds and emotional control admire followers. No wonder that ALLinPav has quickly become a household name in gambling. 

Jaime “PokerStaples” is a pro in streaming

Jamie Staples, also known as “PokerStaples”, is a Canadian poker player whose main specialization is live poker games. Unlike most of his colleagues, Jamie initially focused on online gambling sites and reached the mark of 120.000 followers by 2019. He streams mostly multi-table tournaments, however, he also makes exceptions from this rule. By 2020, he managed to earn $1 million on streams. 

best poker streamers in 2020
Those are some great streams.

Staples makes streams 5 days per week, so he is a great choice to follow to learn new stuff about poker. “PokerStaples” is a good channel for experienced gamblers who aim for switching to live poker games.

Lex “LexVeldhuis” Veldhuis has the most viewers

Lex Veldhuis is a Dutch poker player who became famous thanks to another star, Bertrand Grospellier. However, Veldhuis’s career is much better now, thanks mostly to streaming services where he is one of the top players. His channel has more than 150.000 followers, but this isn’t it. LexVeldhuis average view rate reaches 10.000 per stream, which is the best result in 2020 so far. He plays on high stakes mostly.

Parker Talbot is among best poker streamers in 2020

Parker “tonkaaaap” Talbot is the last poker streamer we recommend you to follow. With nearly 100.000 fans on Twitch, a Canadian pro doesn’t make as many videos he used to do before. However, he is still with your attention due to his professional approach to poker. Even if there will be no videos in the future, his old ones are recommended to watch.

In 2017, Talbot signed on with 888casino poker to be their ambassador. He has already won Sunday Million of more than $1 million. It was the biggest win of “tonkaaaap” ever. To follow his steps, sign up for a casino too.

You can discover more about 888casino Poker here.

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