10 Biggest Football Club Rivalries In The World


Posted: June 19, 2020

Updated: June 19, 2020

  • What are the top-10 most popular feuds in football?
  • Derbies from Italy, France, and England are on the list
  • We all know what clubs will be the first, don’t we?

A rivalry is inevitable in any kind of sports competition. In football, local derbies make it next-level as severe confrontations lasting for decades and centuries. Here are 10 biggest football club rivalries in the world that will outlast even the youngest fans.

A rich and long-lasting history of football promoted the emergence of long-standing rivalries among certain clubs. Mostly, they appear within domestic leagues and are called derbies. Every country has at least a pair of arch enemies whose rivalry will survive for a long time. Let’s learn about the most popular and severe rivalries in football nowadays.

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biggest football club rivalries in the world
The biggest rivals

Ten biggest football club rivalries in the world

Based on the number of matches, clubs’ popularity, and bad blood among their fans, we have ranked 10 most severe derbies from the least popular to the most. Here are the results.

  • #10 Le Classique. A French derby between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille. This is the biggest rivalry in France, but also one of the youngest in Europe.  Next year, Le Classique will celebrate its 50th anniversary, so we hope to see some great matches. Currently, PSG dominates the league with 43 wins (mostly in the 2010s).
  • #9 Old Firm Derby. A 132-years-old Irish derby is one of the longest rivalries in football. The Old Firm is held between two Glasgow clubs, Celtic and Rangers with the last one as the most frequent winner (162). In general, teams met 420 times, which led to a significant influence on all other spheres of Scottish culture and even politics.
  • #8 The North London Derby. The English Premier League is back, so a new North London derby match will be played soon. The rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham started 111 years ago and ended up with 8 Arsenal’s wins by 2020. However, Tottenham made a big breakthrough last year, which helped it to be above their rivals in the current EPL standings. Will it last for a long time?
  • #7 Derby d’Italia. Derby of Inter Milan and Juventus are among the biggest football club rivalries in the world. Their feud has lasted since 1909 and had 111 wins of Juve as of now. Bet on Ronaldo to multiply the number of victories of his current club and also win some perks for himself.
  • #6 Madrid Derby. Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid is another popular rivalry in the football world. Two Spanish clubs couldn’t share their place in the sun for 114 years. However, the team with the most chances to win it is quite predictable. Real Madrid can boast 111 victories in Madrid Derby with their former star Ronaldo as a top scorer.

Der Klassiker is among the biggest football club rivalries in the world

German players and clubs had been blowing up the football world a few years ago. It raised even more interest for domestic leagues in Germany as well as local El Classico with the same name. Der Klassiker is the name of any match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Both clubs are the most successful in the country, but the team from Munich is a bit stronger. They won 60 matches with the most impressive victory to have taken place with an 11–1 score. This year, Bayern defended their title as the best German club by winning Bundesliga in advance. There are still matches left to bet on Bet365 Sportsbook though.

The Milan Derby is very popular in Italy

Derby Della Madonnina or The Milan derby is a 111-years-old rivalry between Inter Milan and A.C. Milan. Tough competition between two clubs currently results in A.C. Milan to be more successful with 112 wins and 48 trophies. An interesting fact is that Internazionale consisted of rich people, while the working class played for Milan in the past. Another interesting fact: the top goalscorer of Milan is Andriy Shevchenko, a former player from Ukraine. 

The Manchester Derby is the oldest one 

The Manchester derby is going to celebrate its 140 birthday next year. It makes the rivalry between ManCity and Man Utd the longest ever. It is also one of the biggest football club rivalries in the world nowadays. 

biggest football club rivalries in the world
The tension is real.

Currently, the title of the winner of the Manchester derby belongs to United. They have won 76 matches against City (54). However, tables seem to turn soon as Pep Guardiola’s club is one of the best in England nowadays. Follow predictions at online gambling sites in the UK and bet on Man City to beat their rivals one day.

North West Derby should change one of its teams

Nowadays, the biggest rivalry in English football is undoubtedly the Liverpool-Man Utd derby. Yet they have been enemies since 1894, their confrontation reached its peak in the 20th century. As a result, United ended up with 80 victories over Liverpool (67 wins). However, if the EPL topper will keep the shape, they are likely to surpass their rivals in most upcoming matches.

Interestingly, nowadays Liverpool fans see Man City rather than Utd as the major enemy. Do you remember how City won the EPL with a one-point lead in 2019? However, their confrontation is too young to enter the list and doesn’t even have an official name.

El Clasico is an undeniable leader

We all knew the topper of the list. El Clasico is undeniably the most popular derby in modern history. This Spanish rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid emerged in 1902 and has always been tough. However, it reached the peak of popularity in the 2000s and then developed it with Ronaldo and Messi’s individual rivalry.

Currently, Barca is the leader in this race with 115 wins, but Real is close with 100 successful performances. Leo Messi stays at the top as the best scorer in El Clasico. What derby is your favorite one?

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