Odds On The Republicans In 2020 May Still Win At The Polls

Posted: June 18, 2020

Updated: August 19, 2020

  • President Donald Trump Launches Re-election Campaign 
  • Find All The Odds On The Republicans In 2020 At Bovada
  • Battleground States Brace For Do-Or-Die Election Agenda

You can always bet on US politics to be interesting. It’s an extravaganza compared to the dry, staid nature of European politics. This time round the Presidential election occurs during a veritable cavalcade of crises. Typically, this would mean the odds on the Republicans in 2020, as the incumbents, should be in free-fall. A quick glance at online betting sites in the US like Bovada, however, shows this isn’t happening. So will Donald Trump get re-elected in November? 

You can bet on the Democrats rubbing their hands with glee. The president is all but besieged by problems, none of which are of his own making. It never rains but it pours. The odds on the Republicans in 2020 used to hinge on the President’s perceived malfeasance. It perhaps says much to his guilt just how quickly the recent crises replaced it. Ukraine who?

Of course, this is not to say the odds on the Republicans in 2020 are as good as they might wish. The battle for economic supremacy between the US and China was always going to have casualties. One of them quite likely the President if manufacturing jobs continue to be lost overseas. Those in the US gambling laws of economics will see it swing back from the brink ought think again. The Chinese aren’t playing games, and do have the muscle to back it up.

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This is especially true as figures show US national debt rising at an alarming rate. China bought much of that debt. This undermines US efforts, and would normally see the odds on Republicans in 2020 fall away horribly. They are, after all, the party of sensible fiscal policy. Unfortunately, the other crisis made that impossible. The public health situation was always going to cost a lot to deal with. Those that seek to pretend otherwise are kidding themselves. Bet on Democrats to mention it a few times.

US Presidential Election odds

  • Donald Trump – 23/20
  • Joe Biden – 4/5

Indeed, you can bet on Donald Trump to face a lot of criticism for his handling of the crisis. No one else handled it all that much better, of course, but that won’t stop anyone. Especially not the progressive left. They’re having a field day blaming unavoidable deaths from an incurable disease on the President. Well. When they’re not rioting. This sways the odds on Republicans in 2020, available at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada.

Odds On The Republicans In 2020

Trump Faces Multiple Battles On Several Fronts

If facing a disease and recession weren’t bad enough, there’s also the little matter of the chaos on the streets. Normally you could bet on Republicans to crack down hard on this sort of thing. However, facing demands for social change on a massive scale they seem at a loss. People are ignoring the authority of the Presidency again. Something Trump’s predecessor would recognize. The question is can the White House forestall a collapse of the odds on Republicans in 2020 despite these issues?

Other US Politics Bets

  • No Presidential Election In 2020 – 6/1
  • Trump To Win 50%+ Popular Vote – 3/1
  • Trump To Lose Popular Vote But Be Reelected – 2/1
  • Donald Trump To Win By Further Than In 2016 – 2/1
  • Trump NOT To Be Reelected – 2/3


Any other year with any other President you’d have to say “no”. Anyone who even vaguely liked to bet on sports in the US would write it off as a losing wager. But with Donald Trump the lines between possible and impossible have become blurred. The political landscape is still in a state of flux and no one is sure, least of all bookies like Bovada, where it will end up. One thing is for sure, the odds on Republicans in 2020 are still quite tolerable, when with any other president they’d be ridiculous.

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We take a look at why the odds on the Republicans in 2020 are still a good bet, despite all that ails the current administration at the present time.

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