Bet On The Democrats In 2020 To Do Better Than In 2016

Posted: June 18, 2020

Updated: August 19, 2020

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Incumbent Presidents have always had an advantage. The gravitas of White House residency gives them an image that’s hard to beat. However, you can bet on the Democrats in 2020 to point out just what that image is. You could always bet on US politics to be slightly grubby when push came to shove, but now it’s downright mean. Anyone used to putting a bet on sports in the US at Bovada will recognize this as a grudge match of epic proportions. Although that’s not how they’ll frame it.

The temptation to describe the political battle in the US as a fight for the soul of America is almost overwhelming. It would also probably be a bit of an understatement. The nation stands at a crossroads – setting fire to things. There are two very clear directions on offer. If you feel the status quo will win out you can bet on the Republicans. If not, you should probably bet on the democrats in 2020. But is the choice really that simple? Or have the pundits given this depth it doesn’t deserve?

Certainly, there is no love lost between these two candidates, or these two sides. The 2016 campaign was utterly brutal. You can bet on Democrats in 2020 to assume it’ll be worse this time round and start accordingly. Anyone in the US gambling laws of decency might keep this from going negative should be relieved. It won’t go negative. It’ll start there, stay there, and remain there. If this is a battle for the soul of America, it’s one to the death. But isn’t that over egging it?

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To Win In November Bet On The Democrats In 2020 

This won’t be the first time politics offers stark choices to US voters. You can bet on Democrats in 2020 to repeat that this is a unique situation. That Donald Trump is a one-of-a-kind adversary. This speaks far more to their desire for revenge than the political skills of the President. The 2016 result hurt Democrats. They took it personally. So much as they will paint it as a political Armageddon, for the progressive party, this is far more important. This is about credibility.

US Presidential Election odds

  • Donald Trump – 23/20
  • Joe Biden – 4/5

Hillary Clinton losing against Donald Trump made the Democrats look weak. It should have been a slamdunk, not a wipe out. Joe Biden will thus need to get harsh and stay harsh to compete. This won’t come easily to the folksy former VP. Fortunately, in the background Elizabeth Warren is standing by as a VP for him. She has no such problems. With her on side you can bet on Democrats in 2020 to be fiery. But does that make them worth backing at online betting sites in the US like Bovada? 

Bet On The Democrats In 2020
Elizabeth Warren – Image source: Flickr

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The odds on Joe Biden closing up would suggest so. The economy, public health and widespread social disruption all play well for him. You can bet on the Democrats in 2020 to allude to these being the areas in which the President has failed. The degree to which that can actually be laid at his door is debatable. Is he really responsible for all the bad things around the world? The odds on Donald Trump don’t really suggest so.

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  • No Presidential Election In 2020 – 6/1
  • Trump To Win 50%+ Popular Vote – 3/1
  • Donald Trump To Lose Popular Vote But Be Reelected – 2/1
  • Trump To Win By Further Than In 2016 – 2/1
  • Trump NOT To Be Reelected – 2/3

Getting 23/20 at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada, the President is hardly out of the running. It is also quite a long time till November and unpredictability has become the norm. You can bet on the Democrats in 2020, Joe Biden gets 4/5 to win right now, and probably should. However, do understand this is a continuation of a slugging match begun years ago now. It is not, as the media might have you believe, the be all and end all of the United States of America.

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We take a look at why you should bet on the Democrats in 2020 to win the White House.

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