Odds on Joe Biden

Incumbent Presidents have always had an advantage. The gravitas of White House residency gives them an image that’s hard to beat. However, you can bet on the Democrats in 2020 to point out just what that image is. You could always bet on US politics to be slightly grubby when push came to shove, but now it’s downright mean. Anyone used to putting a bet on sports in the US at Bovada will recognize this as a grudge match of epic proportions. Although that’s not how they’ll frame it. ... read more

There was a time the 2020 odds on Bernie Sanders made him the front running challenger for November. These days he’s a 50/1 outside shot to be the next President. It would now take a miracle at the Convention to have him even win the nomination. Very few people will be taking advantage of US gambling laws to back him now. So how did this campaign of massive energy radical ideas slump from first to last place? Let’s take a look at Bernie’s words to find out. ... read more

It was supposed to be the knock-out blow. The moment Bernie Sanders saw all opposition pushed aside. His revolution was due to march onward unbidden. Unfortunately, for Sanders the former vice President hadn’t read that script. Indeed, after his Lazarus-like return to form you can now bet on Joe Biden to win the 2020 Presidential Election. The online betting sites in the US like Bovada will offer you great odds. His calm measured message already looking like a winner. ... read more