Republicans Bet On The US Midterm Elections Going Their Way

Posted: November 18, 2021

Updated: November 18, 2021

  • Joe Biden & Democrats Face Tricky Challenge in 2022
  • You Can Bet On The US Midterm Elections At Bovada
  • Republicans May Regain Ability To Stonewall Progress

With the election fresh in their minds, and even still contested in some states, Democrats are running out of time. They have little time left before the 2022 campaign starts to dominate the political landscape. Unfortunately Joe Biden and Co haven’t really made the progress they touted. That’s why those who regularly bet on politics in the US already see a democrat collapse at the polls. So are the Republicans right to bet on the US Midterm Elections returning them the reins?

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Sometimes one can despair reading the odds on US politics. Online bookies in the US sometimes appear to resemble Cassandra. They prophesize Democrat doom with increasing certainty. Of course, Apollo cursed Cassandra so no one would ever believe her accurate predictions. We find the bookies predictions far easier to believe. They’re sure the Republicans are returning to control of both houses. So anyone wanting to win a bet on the US Midterm Elections better back them.

Now obviously some people will bet on the Democrats getting themselves together at some point in the next year. They are willing to bet on the Republicans imploding before then as revelations about the 6th of January coup come out. Sadly, online betting sites in the US like Bovada simply don’t see either happening. The Democrats shot themselves in the foot over their biggest policy showpiece. Hence, Democrats are now a massively risky bet on the US Midterm Elections.

Democrats Shoot Themselves In The Foot

If you can’t get your own policy promises passed when you control both houses, what does that say about you? Unfortunately, many Americans have the answer to that question. Hence Joe Biden has watched his popularity sink like a stone. It’s so bad that right now you can find better odds on Donald Trump winning the next Presidential election than the President. One of the reasons for that is they bet on the US Midterm Elections basically finishing Joe Biden off.

Odds On Senate Control

  • Odds On The Democrats – 19/5
  • Odds On The Republicans – 3/14 

With Republicans in charge of both houses he’ll simply not be able do anything. You’ll not find very good odds on Joe Biden in 2024 if he’s had two years of frustration and roadblocks. Indeed the odds on Democrats overall will suffer. We’ve seen it before. Unfortunately, you can also bet on the US Midterm elections highlighting the divisions inside the Democrats some more. That’s why online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are giving low odds on the Republicans. 

Bet On The US Midterm Elections
Biden in 2019 – Image source: Flickr

Bovada Has Your Bet On The US Midterm Elections

Sure, you can find divisions inside the Republican party too. (And if you can’t you can bet on Donald Trump to find some in due course). Sadly, people simply had higher expectations of the Democratic Party. They just didn’t display enough unity. They had to compromise to get their infrastructure bill by congress and that won’t play well at the polls. So, Joe Biden has to now bet on the US Midterm Elections ending his options. He’ll get nowhere with the GOP in control.

Odds On House Control

  • Democrat Odds – 3/1
  • Republican Odds – 2/9

Now naturally anyone in the US gambling laws of common sense apply to politics has been sadly misinformed. So don’t just rush out to Bovada et all and bet on the US Midterm Elections seeing a red wave tsunami at the polls. There’s a whole year to go. In six months a bet on Joe Biden and the Democrats may seem a great idea. So right now it seems a bit bleak for both parties*. So what? They say a week is a long time in politics. A year? That’s almost a lifetime.  

* One stands to lose big, the other might have to let a big loser stand

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We take a look at why you can bet on the US Midterm Elections to end Joe Biden’s dream of a big progressive agenda in America.

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