The 2020 US Election Odds Hide New National Political Split

  • Trump May Win, Biden Might Lose, World Could End
  • Find All The 2020 US Election Odds At Bovada Today
  • Red Vs Blue Has Mutated Into Optimists Vs Pessimists

Dividing Americans up into color-coordinated groups is a game everyone can play. Just ask the police. Even politics has taken up this baton ensuring people are either Red or Blue. Nice and simple. However recently, and quite uncharacteristically, US politics has developed a little cross-aisle nuance. 2020 US election odds at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada might not reflect it, but it’s there. Regardless of party loyalty, there are now just optimists and pessimists.

The US election has reached a fever pitch. Unfortunately, due to the public health crisis, it is not in particularly good taste to say so. Temperatures are running high for a variety of reasons. Not least because this is one of the most divisive elections yet in US history. Naturally, the most obvious, division and the one 2020 US election odds refer to, is the Republican/Democrat paradigm. Red vs Blue. Trump vs Biden. Right vs Left. However, this is 2020, and 2020 has created another split.

Regardless of which party they support, you can now divide Americans into two neats, if not color-indexed, categories. These are optimists and pessimists. The optimists believe this will be like any other US election. However loud and fierce it gets, it’ll be all over by Christmas. One way or the other. So, they’ll merrily take advantage of US gambling laws to check out the 2020 US election odds at Bovada. They may even bet on Joe Biden or Donald Trump winning the vote. 

Bet On House Winner

  • Bet On Republicans – 9/2
  • Bet On Democrats – 1/8

Will It Be All Over By Christmas?

The pessimists meanwhile aren’t sure there will be a vote, and if there is, it will help now. They fear Donald Trump will go to extraordinary lengths to retain power, or the Democrats to gain it. That there will be violence on the streets. Blood in the gutters. Possibly even another civil war. They see US democracy as slowly breaking under the pressure and reaching a tipping point of no return. They’re not looking at the 2020 US election odds. They’re arming themselves. Heavily.

Senate Winner Odds

  • Odds On The Democrats – 4/7
  • Odds On The Republicans – 2/1

In a recent poll, 55% of registered voters thought there would be an increase in violence after the election. Hardly optimistic, is it? Another 33% couldn’t say it wouldn’t. That’s astonishingly alarming. Those 2020 US election odds focus on either a bet on Donald Trump or his challenger, not wholesale anarchy. Normally it would be laughable to think about this. In 2020, it has people worried. 2020 has made even a simple bet on sports in the US unpredictable. So, anything could happen in politics.

2020 US Election Odds at Bovada

The 2020 US Election Odds At Bovada May Be Moot Now

What are the chances of either side accepting the other party won the election? Look slim right now, don’t they? Another 2020 twist. 2020 has been so ghastly that if aliens invaded now everyone would just roll their eyes. No hysteria, no panic, just a planetary wide tut of resigned disappointment. That’s why the US descending into chaos isn’t as easily dismissed as it once was. All over by Christmas? America could be Syria by Christmas. This is not a pleasant prospect. 

Bet On The 2020 US Election

  • Odds On Donald Trump – 6/4
  • Odds On Joe Biden – 1/2 
  • Odds On Asteroid Hitting Earth – 243/1

The optimists dismiss all this as paranoid delusion. They could be right. You can always bet on US politics to be over the top. Perhaps this is just more of the same but on steroids. 2020 has people spooked. There could well be nothing to worry about. Just check the 2020 US election odds at online betting sites in the US like Bovada, and relax. Unless, of course, Pat Robertson is right and that asteroid will hit the world just after the election killing everyone. Get ready to tut.

Other US Election Betting Odds 

  • Democrats to win the Senate – 4/7
  • Over 60% Turnout – 3/10
  • No Election Held In 2020 – 8/1
  • Joe Biden Wins Texas – 5/2
  • Donald Trump Wins Popular Vote – 7/2

We take a look at the 2020 US election odds and muse on how they don’t reflect the latest political divide in America.

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