Odds On Donald Trump’s Re-Election Lengthen In Final Phase

Posted: October 19, 2020

Updated: November 3, 2020

  • Rival Town Hall Meetings Compare And Contrast Candidates 
  • Find All The Odds On Donald Trump’s Re-Election At Bovada
  • Swing States Like Florida & Pennsylvania Lean To Joe Biden
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Once upon a time, a bet on US politics was a dour affair, but this election has turned that on its head. The odds on Donald Trump’s re-election shift on an almost hourly basis. At present, online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada, give him little chance. However, that could so easily change. The swing state polls might indicate Joe Biden has this in the bag, but nothing is for certain in 2020. This one will go all the way to the wire, and then possibly to the Supreme Court. 

You didn’t need a split-screen view to spot the difference. Joe Biden gave lengthy, detailed, responses to the questions from George Stephanopoulos. Donald Trump and Savannah Guthrie from NBC had an argument. The former litigator corrected the President on several occasions as his statements failed to match reality. Something for which she has won much praise. Whether it will affect the odds on Donald Trump’s re-election very much, however, is probably moot.

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I figured, what the hell, we get a free hour on television.” Donald Trump told the crowd at a campaign rally before his town hall event. His tactic of describing the network he’d be on, NBC, as “the worst”, possibly backfiring a little. Guthrie was in no mood to give him an easy ride. Looking at the odds on Donald Trump’s re-election neither is the electorate. Looking at the swing states, whilst you can take advantage of US gambling laws to back him, it might not be sensible.

Trump And Biden Face Very Different Town Hall Meetings

Due to the Electoral College, there are actually only a few states in the US that matter at election times. These swing states are vital. One of the reasons the odds on Donald Trump’s re-election have lengthened so much is his rival is pulling ahead in them. Joe Biden is over three points up in Florida, over six points up in Pennsylvania. Even Michigan has him nearly eight points ahead. And it’s a similar story in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Arizona. Joe’s lead looks unassailable.

US Presidential Election Odds at bet365 Sportsbook

  • Donald Trump – 15/8
  • Joe Biden – 1/2 

Of course, you should never bet on Donald Trump to do as expected. Just because the odds on Joe Biden make this election look finished, it’s not over till the Supreme Court sings. If the result is close enough, you can bet on Republicans pushing this all the way. The odds on the Democrats winning at that point will diminish rapidly. Bovada and the other online betting sites in the US have to take that into account. This election may not be over on the actual election night itself. 

Odds on Donald Trump’s Re-election
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Bovada Has All The Odds On Donald Trump’s Re-Election

Or, at least, that’s the fear. Postal-votes will delay results leaving an area of uncertainty into which Trump will move to claim victory. This is, however, looking less and less likely. At the moment, you can easily bet on Joe Biden to win convincingly. By enough that shenanigans after the fact won’t be applicable. The odds on Joe Biden sit at around 1/2 at the moment. That’s quite the lead. The odds of Donald Trump’s re-election, meanwhile, have moved out to a distant 15/8. 

“You’re the President, you’re not someone’s crazy uncle.”

  • Savannah Guthrie to Donald Trump
  • NBC Town Hall Meeting

The odds on Donald Trump’s re-election, and the odds on the Republicans generally, means you could now bet on the Democrats to make a clean sweep of the house, senate, and presidency. It is within the realms of possibility. Sure, it would be like a risky bet on sports in the US, not something to be done lightly, but you could. The only problem being that a week is a long time in politics, and around Donald Trump, it’s a lifetime. So this isn’t as over as people may make out.

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We take a look at how the odds of Donald Trump’s re-election are slipping as Joe Biden makes up ground in the vital swing states of America.

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