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Casinos are a huge source of interesting myths, legends, and stories that seem too good to be true. There are tales of tremendous luck ($ 25 million), dubious capital (atomic bomb parties), and disgusting personal hygiene (adult diapers to keep playing). Some of the most interesting and unknown facts about casinos and gambling come from societies where they prohibit their citizens to gamble. This proves that it is difficult to keep people from tempting potentially big gains. So in this article we are going to learn about 10 unknown facts about gambling.

In this article, we are going to share with you the 4 best gambling movies on Amazon Prime that you can binge-watch. These are movies with card games, casinos, magic tricks, bets, and other gambling trends. This list may include movies with life-threatening adventures or, on the contrary, innocent practical jokes. So grab your favorite type of popcorn and take a comfy seat. Let's go!

Do you know how many people play casino games? Or which country is considered the biggest gambling center in the world? Check out interesting gambling statistics 2021 to broaden your perspective about the industry.

iGB Affiliate Awards have announced its shortlist for the best companies in the online gambling industry. It is the largest annual event in the business. We are thrilled to announce that GamingZion, for the second time in a row, has been nominated for the Best Casino Affiliate Award.

We can confidently say this: everybody loves music. And most people like to listen to it, doing whatever – for example, gambling in a casino. We also know that music has a huge impact on us, and that is especially true when we are in casinos, playing some poker, or spinning some slots. But how? We are here to tell you more about that!

The past one and a half years have not been easy on most businesses, unlike the gambling business! We could see the revenue numbers going up and up by every month. And now, it looks like that this tendency is not something that is soon going to change. There is for example Macau, where the revenue updates from May show this exact fact to be true. 

Online poker – and monthly online poker tournaments too – are living their golden ages! People recognized all the advantages they have, and decide to sit down at virtual tables more often than ever. But what do they win from that? We are here to tell you all about it! And we also give you a great hint: Bovada’s current tournament!

Poker machines or slot machines are such a fun way to gamble! Easy to use and entertaining, so it is not a surprise that they are very popular among people who wager. However, these are also the qualities that makes people lose track of their gaming. But a new solution, being cashless poker machines, are here to tackle this problem!