US Will Need To Learn How To Gamble At Casinos Without Cash

Casinos are often at the cutting edge of security and surveillance. Unfortunately in terms of payment systems they’re behind the curve. Cash is still king in casinos. However, in light of recent events, this is about to change. So we are all going to need to learn how to gamble at casinos without cash. For those used to frequenting online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada, that’ll be easy. They’re familiar with the systems. US State gaming authorities aren’t, so here’s a quick run-down of the choices.

How To Gamble At Casinos Without Cash
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1. Old School Credit Cards

Your flexible friend. Anyone looking at how to gamble at casinos without cash is probably going to start here. So ubiquitous and entirely familiar to consumers across the planet this would seem an obvious choice. There are, of course, some downsides to betting with credit cards in the US or anywhere else. It’s bad enough one might lose one’s money, but adds insult to injury if one then need to pay interest on those losses. Gambling opponents will highlight this potential problem of gambling pitfall.

2. Modern Contactless Payment

It might be a relative newcomer but it’s gaining in popularity all the time. A secure app on a mobile phone would all that be required. The casinos could even have their own. This would be perhaps the most sensible way to facilitate how to gamble at casinos without cash. It would, however, require state gaming authorities to understand how the technology works. This may prove to be like explaining US gambling laws to dolphins on acid – only without the cute squeaking.

3. The Murky World Of BitCoin

Those wishing to know how to gamble at casinos without cash will quickly spot this shadowy crypto-currency as another possible option. The untraceable nature of the system will attract many who might not otherwise be able to participate. Casinos will like that. The downside is that casinos could find themselves holding rapidly depreciating funds, and they won’t like that. Expect them to examine this one and dismiss it out of hand claiming block-chain is a Chinese plot. 

4. Sensible Debit Cards

This is perhaps the best of all worlds. Cashless payment without the possibility of straying into massive unmanageable debt. One only has access to funds one actually owns at the time. With a long-standing record of secure success, this is likely to be the easiest system to get set up. Those who bet on sports in the US could soon find themselves able to do so at the race track with just a piece of plastic. In our list of how to gamble at casinos without cash, this stands out as the most practicable.

How To Gamble At Casinos Without Cash
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5. Via Bank Transfer

Businesses across the world use the system daily and whilst it might be a tad complex for some punters, it’s a great option. Transfer over an amount at the beginning of your evening and cease to worry about it. Those exploring how to gamble at casinos without cash who have the funds in their account will have no issue. This will be the option the state authorities favor because it allows for tracking and tracing. Something that will make it less attractive to casinos and their punters. 

6. There’s Obviously Paypal

Ask how to gamble at casinos without cash and someone will mention it. However, involving a middleman is always risky and this could be seen as a step too far by the authorities. Whilst it’s useful for shopping online gambling via Paypal does pose a few oversight problems. There will also be, rather over-egged, concerns about its security, despite its record. Casinos may, however, decide to set up a similar system shared between them into which punters could buy in advance.

7. Simple Barter System

Figuring out how to gamble at casinos without cash may prove too tricky for state authorities. So perhaps casinos should offer up old-school barter as an option. Those used to the accessibility of online betting sites in the US like Bovada will balk at this. However, at least the state authorities will understand how it works. Allow them to turn up with sheep or homemade jam. Casinos could easily turn their oversized parking lots into artisanal markets and recoup the funds, possibly at a profit.

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We take a look at how to gamble at casinos without cash in the aftermath of the latest public health crisis.

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