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Clever players on online sportsbooks in Canada read the GamingZion sports betting news. You can be the first to discover the new Canadian sports betting sites or claim the highest online sports betting bonus in Canada from the latest promotions. Our expert analysis will get you the best odds and insider tips so that you can have a higher chance to win an online sports bet.

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The LoL 2022 Pick’Em Tips can be used at both the Pick’Em and the online sportsbook services. Therefore, this is a win-win for both League fans and eSports bettors. We are going to give you our professional predictions regarding the following prompt groups: Players, Teams, Champions, Events, and Groups. These are our top predictions regarding the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. These are safe betting picks right now.

The history of Formula 1 is full of interesting facts you couldn’t think of. The competition that is almost 100 years old has changed a lot during this time, starting from safety measures and ending with dominating constructors. Take a look at the major points in the history of the most famous car racing competition ever.

In this article, we carefully selected the ten best #9s in football today. This list also only includes players who are mainly centre-forwards so we didn’t include any wingers. Our selections are in descending order, meaning the first subsection is about the best #9, and so on.

If you’re bored of betting on the winner of a Formula 1 race, you can choose to bet on other details like the first driver to retire. You can also predict if there will be any safety car or bet on the team with the fastest pit stop. Of course, regular bets are also available with Max Verstappen leading the winner odds. But you can also have a go at the following 2022 Japan GP special odds. 

We created this unique 2022 LoL World Championship meta predictions for sportsbook bettors who are experienced in League of Legends. Therefore, if you are new, then we recommend you stick to outright bets for now. However, if you have the experience and the good thinking, then this strategy will increase your winning bets at the sportsbook sites that lets you put a bet on map objectives and statistics.

We are going to review the Upset LoL World Championship predictions. FNATIC Upset surprised everyone by finishing the first stage with a KDA score of 25. That means he had 27 kills, and 23 assists paired with no more than only 2 deaths. Upset said that this year is not for his team to scrim. Yet, he was the best player in the first bracket. There are many speculations and predictions to make about Upset and Fnatic right now.

Slot machines are fun and easy and are always very popular. This is why we have collected some of the best slots you can find online. So if you are ready for the best slots at Everygam Casino then keep tuned for more!

It’s rare when we come across mixed-gender sports instead of regular ones. In most sports, we distinguish women’s and men’s categories. Of course, medley relays are competition types as well, but let’s see some of the most popular mixed-gender games!