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Sports Betting in Canada

In Canada, sports betting is not only legal, but it's very popular too. In fact, sports betting is offered and controlled by local provincial governments there. A system called Sport Select (it goes by other names in some areas) is in place that lets Canadians to legally bet on sports. Players buy paper tickets, much like lottery tickets, and fill them out with the desired results. As a result, Sport Select is one of the biggest sport betting networks in the world.


Online Sports Betting in Canada

Online sports betting in Canada is a tricky subject. An old section of an even older law restricts Canadians to parlay bets alone. This means that they can only bet on the outcome of 3 or more events at once, restricting their choice.

Due to this, Bill C290 would change Canadian gambling law to allow single event bets to be placed by Canadians. According to lobby groups, this law is necessary as, while Canadians spend around $450 million a year on parlay bets, they spend more than $14 billion on single bets at illegal and offshore sportsbooks.

Unfortunately, this law has been through both houses of the Canadian government so many times that its actual status is rather confused. As of early 2014, it is awaiting a decision from the Senate, a decision that has been in the pipeline since 2012.

Luckily for Canadians, they have access to a whole host of offshore sportsbooks, many of which offer their services directly to Canadians. Indeed, they can even have access to companies who have set up in the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory.