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Bingo in Canada

Since the '90s bingo in Canada has witnessed an explosion of popularity. As of January 2017, there are more than 100 Bingo halls across the country. Unlike in the US and UK where Bingo is a social game and clubs require membership, Canadian Bingo halls are open to everyone, and people go there to play for money. The atmosphere is usually serious, and people are focused on their cards.

The game is usually 75-ball, same as in the US, but some places also offer 90-ball. Some studies suggest that the popularity of Bingo in Canada right now is twice what it is in the US. The numbers support this claim: $2 billion is wagered on Bingo in Canada every year.


Online Bingo in Canada

Online Bingo is less popular than live Bingo in Canada, partly because there are fewer legal Canadian bingo sites. In this situation players turn either to the Kahnawake-licensed online operators or to fully foreign businesses. what is paradoxical in the case of the lack of operators on the Candian bingo scene is that some of the main online bingo operators in Latin America are exactly Canadian owned companies.