Fun Facts about2015 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix

Chinese Grand Prix

The Chinese Grand Prix is always full of surprising results and thrilling races, we expect this year to be something like that.

China gambling news report that Shanghai has been giving venue to Formula 1 races since 2004 and has been held a race every year ever since. Last year it was Lewis Hamilton to get the golden medal in the Asian country, and he eventually won the world championship title as well.

Hamilton holds most records
Alonso won twice in Shanghai
Ferraro won the most Chinese races

Before that, it only happened in 2008 that the posterior champion has managed to finish in the first position in Shanghai. That was Lewis Hamilton once again. Between these two successes of the Englishman, whoever succeeded in China, has not managed to win the championship. collected interesting fact like this about the upcoming race.

Lewis Hamilton holds the most individual records

The circuit configuration has remained the same during all those years. This means that they did not change a single thing on the 5.451 km longitude of the laps, they left as it was created more than 10 years ago. The shape of the field presents the Chinese “shang” character which means “above” of “high”.

Lewis Hamilton China

It happened only once in the history of the Chinese Grand Prix that a driver has won the race after claiming the pole position and setting the fastest lap. This great achievement was performed by Lewis Hamilton in 2008. However, the British driver did not manage to claim the “Grand Slam” as he ledfor only 53 laps out of the 56. His then-teammate, Heikki Kovalainen led the other 3.

The Englishman holds many other great records in the Chinese Grand Prix. He won 3 of the competition which is the most number a driver could reach so far. Also his 4 pole positions, the setting of 2 fastest laps and claiming a total of 6 podiums are all records that only he managed to achieve. In addition, he has lead the most laps and the most kms in Shanghai among all his competitors.

Only Hamilton and Alonso managed to win on several occasions in Shanghai

Online gambling sites in China report that no driver has managed to win 2 times in a row in Shanghai. Moreover, next to Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso is the only person who managed to win the infamous race on more than one occasions, but he won with 2 different cars. The first with Renault in 2005 while his second success arrived with Ferrari in 2013.

Rubens Barichello, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg have won the Chinese Grand Prix once. Button holds the record of leading the race most often – he has been in the first place on 6 occasions while Alonso and Hamilton follow him with 5.

Rubens Barichello has won the inaugural race in Shanghai where he finished in front of BAR Honda member Jenson Button by only over a second. This is the tightest clash in the history of the Chinese Grand Prix and this race also happened to be the last victory of the Brazilian driver in the red car.

Ferrari are the most successful team at Chinese Grand Prix

Winning the pole position does not guarantee winning the race – at least most definitely not in Shanghai. Only Hamilton and Rosberg managed to win the race starting from the first position over the past 5 years. The latter one succeeded last year while the German in 2012. In addition, it has happened only 6 times in the history of the Chinese Grand Prix which means that 45% of the times the pole position means not winning the race.

Grand Prix

Nico Rosbergs memorable success in Shanghai was his very first victory of his career. In addition, it was also the first triumph of the revived Mercedes team which was followed by 20 more great wins in the Formula 1 competition. Mobile betting sites believe that Mercedes can be successful this weekend as the odds for their victory are 1.50 (1/2) for Hamilton and 4.50 (7/2) for Rosberg by Bet365.

As for the teams, Renault and Red Bull won once each in Shanghai, while Mercedes was successful twice. McLaren triumphed three times but the most successful of all teams in Shanghai is the legendary Italian red team, Ferrari. They have not been in pole position ever since Rubens Barichello’s success from 2004, yet they managed to win the Chinese Grand Prix 4 times.

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