Global Bet Gets Italian Approval for Virtual Platform Launch

Posted: February 12, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

Global Bet has recently been given the green light by the Italian gaming authority, the Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies, for its Virtual Sports betting platform.

The virtual sports specialist has teamed up with Microgame to launch the new platform for those looking to bet on sports in Italy.

The launch will allow over 200 companies with a registered domain in Italy to take advantage of the new virtual sports platform, which is in compliance with Italian gambling laws and licensing.

“The approval and certification is a milestone for Global Bet in our goal to become the global premium supplier for virtual sports,” says the managing director of Global Bet, Daniel Grabner.

Global Bet granted approval from the Italian Gaming Authority to launch a new virtual platform

The new sports platform will be available on all channels, from land-based bookmakers through to online gaming sites and mobile betting apps. The new technology will enhance the game play for those looking for new sports events and games.

“Microgame is a leading pioneer in Italy’s online gaming industry and operates a perfect platform to introduce our virtual sports products to the Italian gaming community,” continues Grabner.

Global Bet, which was established in 2002, set up their own platform to bring the most up-to-date racing event information to its customers.

The company offers full betting solutions from greyhound or horse races for bookmakers and self-service terminals, and has also expanded to include an online platform as well.

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