“He’s an Irishman. He’s a culture vulture.”

Kevin Lee's recent quote on McGregor

Is Conor McGregor ripping off African American culture? Kevin Lee’s recent quote on McGregor certainly implies that, though Lee believes Conor doesn’t even understand the culture he’s trying to rip off.

One of the more bizarre takeaways from the recent McGregor – Mayweather press conference tour was the idea that Conor McGregor might be a racist. To be fair, he hasn’t come off as someone that would discriminate. McGregor was quoted back in May of 2015 saying “Every human deserves equal rights.”Granted, this was in reference to Ireland’s gay marriage referendum, but you get the idea.

“Honestly, I think that Conor doesn’t really understand, because he comes from a different culture. He’s an Irishman. You know? He’s a culture vulture! I’ve said it.” – Kevin Lee.

One of the bigger names in the UFC right now gave his two cents on this whole debacle. Kevin Lee’s recent quote on McGregor implies that Conor isn’t necessarily racist, but he’s trying to take from a culture he doesn’t understand. Skip to 4:19 of the video below to find the quote.

Kevin Lee calling McGregor a “culture vulture.”
Is this someway of picking a fight with Conor? Maybe. Lee is coming off an incredible 1st round win over Michael Chiesa, proving most online sportsbooks in the UK such as BetVictor correct in listing him as the significant betting favorite, and he’s now one of the top ranked contenders to Conor’s belt.

What McGregor quotes were taken as racist?

What’s a “culture vulture”?

  • According to the Urban Dictionary, a “culture vulture” is someone who, “steals traits, language, and/or fashion from another ethnic or social group in order to create their own identity.

There were plenty of great quotes from the McGregor – Mayweather press tour, but it seems this whole debacle began after McGregor was quoted telling Floyd “dance for me boy.”  This is obviously not something one says to a black man in America today, but Conor is from Ireland and may not understand the context. This might lend credit to Kevin Lee’s recent quote on McGregor. He simply didn’t know it was offensive.

A new Floyd Mayweather quote came out in London where he told the media Conor “cannot disrespect black people,”  though others on his team are not taking much of what he says to heart. Even Floyd’s father commented on the subject, stating “Racist? I don’t know what that got to do with race. This is a boxing match. I don’t know what that got to do with no racists.”

There’s no doubt this will be the biggest fight in combat sports history, and will likely make UK gambling news headlines around the world by breaking the PPV sale rate. If you want to bet on the fight, head to BetVictor. At the moment, Floyd’s odds to beat Conor are set at 1/6, while McGregor’s odds to win come in at 4/1.

Do you agree with Kevin Lee’s recent quote on McGregor? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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