How to Host a Casino Party at Home


Posted: September 1, 2020

Updated: September 1, 2020

  • Are you tired of boring get-togethers?
  • Do you want to feel the real gambling atmosphere around you without going anywhere?
  • Then it’s time to learn how to host a casino party at home!

Las Vegas, poker, cards, slot machines, clinking coins, roulette, croupier, excitement… What words come to your mind when you think about a casino? Probably, there is not a single person in the world who would be completely indifferent to gambling. And if it takes too long to go to Nevada, it is impossible to go to a land-based gambling establishment, and boring gatherings of guests on the occasion of the next holiday are tiring, then it’s time to use imagination and learn how to host a casino party at home!

Casino party invitations: Let’s get it started!

Any party starts with invitations. Of course, it is better to print and send invitations to each guest personally. However, in our progressive age of modern technologies, it is much easier to notify a person by phone or send one an email. In the second case, you should come up with a thematic background and choose a beautiful font so that the invitation looks sophisticated and immediately tunes the invitees in the right way. Moreover, do not forget to indicate the dress code. It can be a formal suit for men and an evening dress for women or anything else that comes to your mind.

You can use colorful boas, gangster hats, voluminous jewelry, gloves, and extravagant hats with veils. Of course, this is not a mandatory rule. However, it will become a curious addition at a party, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere. These tips on how to host a casino party at home are very important so try to use them all. Even while gambling in online casinos in the USA you need to create an appropriate atmosphere to increase your chances of victory.

How to Host a Casino Party at Home
Are you playing?

Decorating the room

If you have two or more rooms at your disposal, then you can arrange a real game room, leaving one room as the dining one. Just give some space at the disposal of the croupier. Of course, do not forget to remove all fragile and non-thematic things away. Besides, if possible, drape the walls and hang on them images of slot machines, coins, and celebrities at the gaming tables. It is better to place 2-3 tables at which the players will sit and cover them with a green cloth. Moreover, place a roulette wheel (you can buy it even at a toy store), while on the other tables you can play card games.

If your guests are not gambling, you can put one common table for playing “Mafia”. This exciting game can unite all guests, captivate them, and allow them to open up without embarrassment in front of strangers. In any case, pre-determine the host and the dealer. They should be sociable and cheerful people who will help the rest of the guests to get involved in the game. But before learning more tips on how to host a casino party at home do not forget to practice your gambling skills in the Intertops Casino.

How to host a casino party at home: Simple menu

Ideally, you should organize a buffet table, which will consist of small snacks, chopped fruits, and vegetables, as well as hot snacks pre-cut into separate pieces. Besides, it is worth taking care of a large number of clean plates and glasses, as well as food that can be eaten with a fork only. This will allow your guests to enjoy their food without interrupting conversation and games. Of course, heavy food and the lush feast is not entirely out of topic.

Also, you can use color combinations to enhance the atmosphere. Green and red peppers, raspberries and blackberries, red and black currants, black and red tomatoes, cherries, grapes. Talking about spirits, champagne, wine, martini, and whiskey can be a good choice. Of course, almost any non-alcoholic drink can be present at the tables. Casino style tableware can be purchased in the themed party goods section. However, if you use paper plates and cups, then do not combine it with crystal and porcelain. You can decorate the plates and dishes with your own hands. It is easy to draw card suits, 777, chips, cubes with acrylic on a stencil.

How to Host a Casino Party at Home
Let’s party!

To decorate dishes, cut out pictures for toothpicks and skewers. Since the forms are very simple, even without experience, it is not difficult to decorate desserts and a cake with mastic, cream, icing, or sprinkling through a paper stencil. Of course, don’t overdo it: the table setting should be elegant. Indeed, a few details are enough to make the table blend in with the room. Get some inspiration in the Intertops Casino and start decorating your home!

Casino party at home: Entertainment

The main entertainment in any casino is gambling: slots, the Wheel of Fortune, roulette and poker, craps and blackjack, etc. Some of the games can be bought whereas some can be made by hand. Also, you can borrow playsets from friends. Moreover, you can order an offsite casino or rent slot machines and tables. Besides, do not forget to print the rules of all games in several copies because otherwise, you will have to explain for a long time to the guests what to do. You know how boring and annoying it can be.

Of course, striving to hit the big jackpot is the most logical scenario for a casino-style party. Buy or print fake money and hand them out to guests at the entrance. Banknotes can be exchanged for chips, or bets can be made “in cash”, increasing their capital through competitions. At the end of the party, hand over a prize to the most successful guest, and small gifts to all participants. Or only the winner will receive a gift, and the rest of the guests can exchange the winnings for souvenirs. Then you need to calculate the price of each prize, taking into account the total fund of fake money. Otherwise, it will turn out that everything will be bought up, and the money will remain. Learn how to host a casino party at home together with the How to Improve Poker Skills at Home article. Get ready to win!

Special tips

Take care in advance of fake money or chocolate coins that can become currency in games. As a background, you can turn on soft jazz, which will immerse guests in the times of the 1920-30s. Ask the dealer to learn the rules beforehand and flirt a little with the guests to help them relax. If the party seems too simple and boring to you, and the place allows you to turn around, then you can make a special move. Ask some of your friends to play a casino robbery. They can even take hostages to release them after meeting the requirements.

You can arrange various contests and, after completing each of them, release one of the captured. If their children come with the guests, then they can become robbers. Of course, the children will be pleased to receive a sweet ransom, which they can share among themselves. The same tips can be used to organize a corporate party. If you doubt your abilities, then you can invite professional hosts who will help you how to host a casino party at home following your wishes. And while you are getting ready for the party, practice your gambling skills in one of the online casinos in the USA. Have fun and make real money in the Intertops Casino!

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