Hungarian Hockey Goalie Fights and Wins Like a Boxer

Adam Vaj Brandon McNally fight

Ádám Vay has entered the very first fight in his career in the USA. Check out how the Hungarian hockey goalie fights and defeats ‘the enemy!’

Online gambling news in the US are on fire after the last math of Ádám Vay, who is on his way to become the very first Hungarian player in NHL. The talented hockey goalie fights like a professional boxer even on the ice field! He easily defeated the rival team’s goalie but immediately returned to help him get up. Like a true gentleman! Take a look at how the hockey goalie fights and who knows, maybe soon enough you will even be able to bet on him to defeat the biggest boxers as well!

Go straight to 1:40 !

Who the hack is Vay Ádám?

If you’ve been wondering who this unknown hockey player might be, then I can either give you a short explanation about him being a goalie at the age of 22. He is owned by NHL team Minnesota Wild and plays for the team’s reserve squad, Quad City Mallards in the ECHL. If you’re interested in learning more about the guy who is about to become the very first Hungarian NHL player ever, then you might want to check out one of our previous articles, where we wrote a little bit longer about him.

Do you think he can make it to the NHL and become an important goalie in the most prestigious ice-hockey league? Join online sportsbooks in the US and place your bets on one of the most talented Hungarian goalies now! Can he make it, does he have a future in ice hockey? Or should he switch to boxing instead? Let us know what you think about him by leaving a comment below!

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