Cook Up The Best Hurling Betting Strategy

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Hurling Betting Strategy

Hurling is a traditional Irish sport that is one of the country’s favorite games. It guarantees fun and a fast-paced game. Hurling matches are held in front of tens of thousands of spectators, and the final is a big deal. It takes place every September in Dublin, at Croke Park, one of the largest stadiums in Europe, with 85,000 spectators! The teams are tough. On the field, there are usually 30 players in shorts and T-shirts who care nothing for the cold wind. With helmets on their heads, to have protection at least there, they wait for the ball, of cork and leather, to rush towards them. Seventy minutes of intense excitement, fast actions, broken sticks, and a baseball-sized leather ball: this is hurling. Find out the best hurling betting strategies below.

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The Background Story Of Hurling

The traditions of the sport go back a long way. We can find its traces in both Celtic mythology and other historical sources. According to legend, its existence is linked to an Irish-Celtic hero, Ts Chulainn, but appears in several eras. One of the best-known cases is the Battle of Moytura. It broke out between the Fir Bolgs and the people of Tuatha De Danann for the possession of Ireland. The epic battle had been going on for five days when Lugh (Lu), the Tuatha’s leader, using his axe or sword as a bat, knocked out the eye of a giant, Balor, with a stone and ended the battle. In another case, when people were already at war with the Tuatha and neither party could finish the war, they decided the outcome with a hurling match.

We can already draw historical parallels between this case and real ones. In the Iron Age, Celtic tribes and small communities often settled disputes with this ritual game. Over the centuries, the battle-axe and sword turned into a less deathly wooden stick and the stone into a leather ball. Hurling maintained this role, and then in the 17th-18th centuries, transformed into a competition series. It was officially organized into an association in 1884 when they founded the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association). The unique feature of the sport is that not the national teams but the teams of the counties compete with each other every year. Study the players at online sportsbook sites in the UK and figure out the best hurling betting strategy with the help of our article.

Ten Basic Rules Hurling Players Have to Respect

  • The players can step four times with the ball in his hand
  • If they balance or bounce the ball at the flat part of the bet, they can take as many steps as they want
  • The player who has the hurling ball may take it into his hands twice before passing it to someone
  • Players mustn’t throw the ball by hands
Hurling Betting Strategy
Picture Source: Pixabay
  • Slapping the ball with the palm and kicking from the ground, in the air, and from the hand is permitted
  • They can’t pick it up from the ground by hands, only with the sticks
  • If the ball is in the air, they can score
  • In case of a penalty kick, three players have to stand on the goal line
  • Three points worth one goal and one goal worth three points
  • Wearing a helmet is required during the match

The Rules Of Hurling Step-By-Step

Hurling is an outdoor team sport with Celtic origins. They play hurling primarily in Ireland, with a wooden bat (camán), a ball (sliotar), and a helmet. Hurling is among the fastest field team sports in the world. The point of the game is to get a small ball into the opponent’s goal using paddle-shaped sticks. The goal is “H” shaped. The lower part is like a soccer goal, with a net, but the upper part looks like a rugby goalpost. If the ball enters the net under the crossbar, guarded by a goalkeeper, it will be worth three points. If it flies over the crossbar, it is worth one point. Players can also grasp the ball by hand and take three steps with it, after which they either hit it in the air or on the ground with the bat. Remember these for setting up the best hurling betting strategy.

Kicking and hitting with open palms are allowed for short passes. A player who wants to take the ball further than three steps can. If he balances the ball at the end of the bat or keeps tapping (bouncing) it. It comes in handy after a catch when the player can run with it until he finds the point where he can hit a good pass to his teammate. Players can hold and push each other with their bodies and shoulders. There are no padded clothes. Although, it is a requirement to wear a helmet with a face shield at matches. Hurling has a lot in common with Gaelic football in terms of pitching, goals, the number of players, and rules. Traditionally it is a men’s sport. A similar game, called camogie, is for women. 

Hurling Betting Strategies – The game

The team consists of 15, 13, 11, 9, or 7 players depending on the league. In Europe, a team usually consists of 11 or 7 people. The hurling stick, hurley, or camán is between 70 – 100 cm (32 to 36 inches) long. The goalie’s hurley looks slightly different. The cover of the sliotar is leather, and its diameter is 6.5 cm (2.5 inches). A good, strong hit can send the ball 100 meters away (305 ft) at 100 – 150 km / h (93 mph). The matches consist of two halves and last 60 minutes, except the 70-minute county competitions and 50-minute tournaments for kids under 13. The referee may extend it at the end of either half.

Hurling requires particularly good reflexes, stamina, and accuracy, as they play the game with a ball as big as one’s fist. Mostly they carry and hit it with the stick, similar to a flattened spoon. As we have mentioned, the speed of the ball can reach 150 km / h, which players catch in the air without gloves and without batting an eyelash. The fact that quite a few solid wooden hurleys break during the matches proves how rough the games are. As with any ball game, the point is to score points. They count points and goals separately during the match. Only considering them at the end, if necessary, to the final result.

Hurling Betting Strategy

They split the 50 – 70 minutes matches into two 25, 30, or 35-minute halves, but there may be extra time due to injury or other interruption, determined by the referee.  As a rule, a ball that has fallen to the ground can only be picked up by the stick, and only then can the players take it into their hands. Because the ball is small and flies fast, actions also happen quickly on the field. Hats off to the players. Matches are often brutal, and hitting a bat or a flying ball, not to mention catching it, is quite painful. However, wearing a helmet has only been required since 2010, before which teams entered the field with only the sticks and no other equipment.

The Best Hurling Betting Strategy

It combines the skills of hockey, lacrosse, and baseball. So, the best hurling betting strategy would be to either have some knowledge about these or to look into them a little. If you set baseball as an example, you need to check the patterns. The pitching, the throwing techniques, then compare with the teams you can bet on at 22Bet Sportsbook. It is the same with hockey and lacrosse. Analyze them and their players if you are not familiar with these sports and cook up a strategy. You will have much better chances of winning if you prepare a bit. Plain and simple.

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As with every team sport, the players have different positions on the field. Every post serves a purpose. The goalkeeper tries to prevent the goal from being scored into the net and direct the defense. The three full-backs are the defenders. They try to eliminate the danger of scoring and start attacks. The two midfielders’ job is to fill the empty spots between the full and half-backs and organize the attacks. Three half-forwards help the attacks, and the three full-forwards try to score goals or points. 

One of the most important events is the all Ireland senior hurling championship. The 2022 event will be the 135th since 1884. This is an inter-county hurling tournament, where the best teams will compete against each other. It is an interesting fact that only Ireland has a national team. Above all, hurling is a competition between counties. The top favorite competitor is Limerick with 1,62 odds, followed by Galway with nine odds. Cork, Tipperary, and Waterford have the same chance of winning the championship with ten odds. Check out the best sites to bet on hurling teams and tournaments before placing bets using your new guide at 22Bet.

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